MSI introduces Exclusive GeForce RTX 4060 NV EDITION: Limited Edition of 6000 Units

September 21, 2023 by our News Team

  • 6000 units of the RTX 4060 NV Edition will be released exclusively through select retailers for a limited time.
  • MSI has chosen not to name the card after NVIDIA, possibly to avoid any potential legal issues.
  • PC enthusiasts looking for something unique have a good opportunity to acquire a special edition piece.

MSI has announced a new lineup of Limited Edition products, set to be released exclusively through select retailers for a limited time. Among these products is the MSI RTX 4060 NV Edition, which is expected to be the highlight of the collection.

With a production run of 6000 units, the RTX 4060 NV Edition will feature the RTX 4060 SKU, positioned as nVidia’s entry-level product. While some may question the choice of labeling a lower-tier model as “Limited Edition,” it is clear that MSI is focusing on the collectible aspect rather than pure performance.

Interestingly, MSI has chosen not to name the card after NVIDIA, possibly to avoid any potential legal issues. This decision opens up the possibility of future unofficial collaborations with other brands like AMD or Intel, expanding beyond just Graphics Cards to include various hardware components.

For PC enthusiasts looking for something unique, the limited availability of these cards presents a good opportunity to acquire a special edition piece. However, it remains unclear whether these products will be available globally or restricted to specific regions.

Mark your calendars for September 25th, as that’s when the RTX 4060 NV Edition is set to be released.

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