March 2024

31 MarchSamsung Adds GDDR7 Memory Chips to Catalog, Paving the Way for Next-Gen Graphics
30 MarchIntel’s Latest: Core i9-15900K Arrow Lake-S, Lunar Lake-MX & Arc Battlemage...
29 MarchASRock introduces AI QuickSet 2024 Q1 Update, Introducing Two AI Tools
29 MarchUpdate #1 Unleashed: Devs Rejoice as Frame & Refresh Rates Soar
26 MarchUL introduces Procyon AI Image Generation Benchmark using Stable Diffusion technology.
23 MarchAMD introduces FSR 3.1: A Game-Changer in Upscaling Quality
22 MarchThermaltake Introduces Dr. Power III Power Tester: The Ultimate 12+4pin Connector Solution
22 MarchCORSAIR introduces Sleek White RMx SHIFT PSU, Expanding Side-Mounted Connection Family
19 MarchThermaltake introduces Exclusive LCGS Reactor Gaming Desktops
19 MarchCorsair introduces White RMx SHIFT PSU Series, Featuring Innovative Side-Mounted...
16 MarchCorsair introduces XH405i Custom Water Cooling Kits and XG7 RTX 4080-Compatible Water...
15 MarchBIOSTAR introduces the A620MS motherboard, revolutionizing Socket AM5 technology.
15 MarchXMG introduces Fusion 15 and Core 15: Powerful Gaming Laptops for Tech Enthusiasts
14 MarchEnermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply
14 MarchThermaltake introduces Toughpower SFX Platinum, Featuring Native PCIe 12V-2×6...
12 MarchFinalWire gears up to launch AIDA64 v7.20, promising an enhanced and experience.
12 MarchASUS introduces MDS-M700: A Medical Box PC for IoT Integration
9 MarchEnermax Reveals Compact ENERPAZO EP237 Mini-Tower PC Case, a Sleek Innovation
9 MarchFractal Design introduces sleek North XL PC case, a game-changer in computer hardware.
9 MarchThermaltake Introduces Tower 200 Bubble Pink Mini Chassis, a Stylish Tech Marvel
7 MarchASUS introduces TUF Gaming GT302 ARGB Chassis: A Powerful Choice for Gamers
6 MarchYEYIAN introduces PHOENIX Gaming Desktops, Raising the Bar for Gamers
6 MarchSimply NUC’s Onyx Family Product Line Grows with Onyx Pro, Unveiling Promising...
1 MarchPhanteks introduces XT Series Chassis: Discover XT Pro, XT Pro Ultra, and XT View
1 MarchIntel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” CPUs See Significant Performance Boost After...