MSI Introduces AI Gaming Desktops with NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 SUPER Series

February 1, 2024 by our News Team

, and image-to-text capabilities, enabling users to create unique and personalized content. With AI Artist, users can generate images based on text descriptions, convert images into different styles, and even generate text descriptions based on images. This feature is ideal for content creators, streamers, and gamers who want to add a personal touch to their content. MSI AI Gaming Desktops with NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 SUPER Series Graphics Cards MSI introduces AI gaming desktops with NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 SUPER Series graphics cards, revolutionizing the gaming experience with advanced AI capabilities and delivering unparalleled performance and visual fidelity. MSI introduces AI gaming desktops with NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 SUPER Series graphics cards, ushering in a new era of gaming excellence with advanced AI capabilities and unparalleled performance and visual fidelity.

, and image-to-text capabilities, enabling users to create unique and personalized content. With AI Artist, users can generate images from text, convert images to text, and even create images from other images, providing endless possibilities for creativity and expression. MSI AI Gaming Desktops with RTX™ SUPER GPUs: The Ultimate Gaming Experience 1. Enhanced gaming performance with RTX™ 40 SUPER Series graphics cards, delivering up to 2X speed increase over previous generation GPUs. 2. Advanced AI capabilities with up to 836 AI TOPS, providing improved performance in gaming, content creation, and everyday productivity. 3. Exclusive AI features, including AI ENGINE, Frozr AI Cooling, and AI Artist, elevating the gaming experience and enhancing creativity.

  • Improved gaming performance with RTX™ 40 SUPER Series graphics cards
  • Advanced AI capabilities for gaming, content creation, and productivity
  • Exclusive AI features for a personalized and

MSI Introduces AI Gaming Desktops with nVidia Geforce RTX™ 40 SUPER Series Graphics Cards

[Taipei, Taiwan] January 2024 – MSI, a leading provider of True Gaming hardware, is proud to announce the integration of NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 SUPER Series graphics cards into its latest 14th generation AI gaming desktops. The MEG Trident X2 14th, MPG Infinite X2 14th, MPG Trident AS 14th, MAG Infinite S3 14th, and MAG Codex 6 14th, which originally featured the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 Series graphics cards, now come equipped with the RTX™ 40 SUPER Series, ushering in a new era of gaming excellence.

MSI AI Gaming Desktops Featuring RTX™ SUPER GPUs: Powering the Gaming Revolution

At the core of these 14th Gen AI gaming desktops lies the revolutionary RTX™ 40 SUPER Series, including the GeForce RTX™ 4080 SUPER, GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti SUPER, and GeForce RTX™ 4070 SUPER. This series redefines the gaming experience with advanced AI capabilities, surpassing the speed of their predecessors. With the power of the RTX™ platform, these GPUs enhance the performance of games, applications, and AI tasks, marking a significant advancement in the gaming landscape.

The GeForce RTX™ 4080 SUPER stands out as a powerhouse, delivering an impressive 2X speed increase over the RTX™ 3080 Ti. The RTX™ SUPER GPUs revolutionize gaming by seamlessly integrating AI Tensor Cores that provide up to 836 AI TOPS. This transformative capability not only enhances gaming performance but also extends to content creation and everyday productivity. With AI-powered features like NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) Super Resolution, Frame Generation, and Ray Reconstruction, PC gamers can now immerse themselves in visually stunning worlds with Ray Tracing.

The GeForce RTX™ 4080 SUPER delivers up to 836 AI TOPS, unlocking transformative potential for AI in gaming, content creation, and everyday productivity. DLSS improves visual quality by AI-generating seven out of eight pixels, achieving up to 4x acceleration in full ray tracing while preserving superior image quality. This innovation ensures that gamers using the MSI AI gaming desktops with RTX™ SUPER GPUs not only experience higher frame rates but also enjoy unparalleled visual fidelity. Powered by these advanced GPUs, MSI AI gaming desktops set new performance standards, delivering a seamless and immersive gaming experience at every level, from high frame rates in graphically intensive games to maximizing settings at 1440p and even 4K gaming.

Beyond gaming, the integration of the RTX™ 40 SUPER Series graphics cards enhances AI task performance, transforming these desktops into versatile tools for creative endeavors. Whether engaged in video editing, rendering intricate 3D scenes, or managing productivity and creativity applications, MSI AI gaming desktops with RTX™ SUPER GPUs excel, delivering users a comprehensive and high-performance computing experience.

MSI Exclusive AI Features: Elevating Gaming and Creativity

In addition to the graphics cards, the 14th gen AI gaming desktops from MSI offer exclusive AI features that go beyond gaming, extending to scenarios in meetings, entertainment, and work. Leveraging AI technology, these desktops are designed to deliver exceptional performance. MSI introduces an AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) model specifically crafted to enhance the work of creators, ensuring an elevated and seamless experience.

The MSI AI ENGINE adapts system settings, including performance, RGB lighting, audio, and screen color based on current tasks. It intelligently fine-tunes these elements without requiring manual input, creating a dynamic and personalized environment for gaming, meetings, entertainment, and work. Whether transitioning from intense gaming to productive work applications or leisurely entertainment, the AI ENGINE guarantees automatic adjustments, delivering a versatile and customized experience for users.

MSI’s Frozr AI Cooling represents a innovation that transforms system cooling with intelligent AI assistance. By gathering temperature data from both the CPU and GPU, this technology processes the information through a sophisticated algorithm, creating an ideal fan speed curve tailored specifically for MSI gaming desktops. Frozr AI Cooling significantly enhances overall system performance, delivering a substantial boost in speed, while optimizing acoustic levels to create a quieter and more immersive gaming environment. Compared to traditional casings, the CPU and VGA temperatures decreased by approximately 5°C and 12°C, respectively, with a notable reduction of 5dB in acoustics. Crafted to ensure optimal cooling for high-powered CPUs and GPUs, it empowers gamers to effortlessly achieve high frame rates, even under demanding high-resolution settings.

MSI AI Artist is an offline AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) model that eliminates concerns related to network Latency and data leakage. It offers text-to-image, image-to-image

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About MSI: MSI (Micro-Star International) is a globally recognized company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of computer products. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1986, MSI has emerged as a key player in the technology industry, consistently delivering innovative solutions that cater to the needs of both casual users and hardcore enthusiasts. The company's product portfolio encompasses a diverse array of products, including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, desktops, monitors, and various gaming peripherals. MSI's commitment to quality and performance is evident in its dedication to technologies, sleek designs, and rigorous testing standards. for its gaming-focused products under the MSI Gaming brand, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high-performance components that enhance the gaming experience.

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About nVidia: NVIDIA has firmly established itself as a leader in the realm of client computing, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in graphics and AI technologies. With a deep commitment to enhancing user experiences, NVIDIA's client computing business focuses on delivering solutions that power everything from gaming and creative workloads to enterprise applications. for its GeForce graphics cards, the company has redefined high-performance gaming, setting industry standards for realistic visuals, fluid frame rates, and immersive experiences. Complementing its gaming expertise, NVIDIA's Quadro and NVIDIA RTX graphics cards cater to professionals in design, content creation, and scientific fields, enabling real-time ray tracing and AI-driven workflows that elevate productivity and creativity to unprecedented heights. By seamlessly integrating graphics, AI, and software, NVIDIA continues to shape the landscape of client computing, fostering innovation and immersive interactions in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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CPU: The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of a computer, responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations. It is the most important component of a computer system, as it is responsible for controlling all other components. CPUs are used in a wide range of applications, from desktop computers to mobile devices, gaming consoles, and even supercomputers. CPUs are used to process data, execute instructions, and control the flow of information within a computer system. They are also used to control the input and output of data, as well as to store and retrieve data from memory. CPUs are essential for the functioning of any computer system, and their applications in the computer industry are vast.

DLSS: DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is an advanced AI-powered technology developed by NVIDIA that enhances real-time graphics rendering in video games and applications. DLSS utilizes deep learning algorithms to upscale lower-resolution images in real-time, resulting in higher-quality visuals while maintaining optimal performance. By harnessing the power of AI and deep neural networks, DLSS effectively boosts frame rates and image quality, enabling gamers to experience smoother gameplay and more immersive graphics without sacrificing computational efficiency. This technology has gained widespread recognition for its ability to deliver impressive visual fidelity and improved performance simultaneously, revolutionizing the way modern computer graphics are processed and displayed.

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Geforce: Geforce is a line of graphics processing units (GPUs) developed by Nvidia. It is the most popular GPU used in the computer industry today. Geforce GPUs are used in gaming PCs, workstations, and high-end laptops. They are also used in virtual reality systems, artificial intelligence, and deep learning applications. Geforce GPUs are designed to deliver high performance and power efficiency, making them ideal for gaming and other demanding applications. They are also capable of rendering high-resolution graphics and providing smooth, realistic visuals. Geforce GPUs are used in a variety of applications, from gaming to professional workstations, and are the preferred choice for many computer users.

GPU: GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit and is a specialized type of processor designed to handle graphics-intensive tasks. It is used in the computer industry to render images, videos, and 3D graphics. GPUs are used in gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices to provide a smooth and immersive gaming experience. They are also used in the medical field to create 3D models of organs and tissues, and in the automotive industry to create virtual prototypes of cars. GPUs are also used in the field of artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data and create complex models. GPUs are becoming increasingly important in the computer industry as they are able to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Latency: Technology latency is the time it takes for a computer system to respond to a request. It is an important factor in the performance of computer systems, as it affects the speed and efficiency of data processing. In the computer industry, latency is a major factor in the performance of computer networks, storage systems, and other computer systems. Low latency is essential for applications that require fast response times, such as online gaming, streaming media, and real-time data processing. High latency can cause delays in data processing, resulting in slow response times and poor performance. To reduce latency, computer systems use various techniques such as caching, load balancing, and parallel processing. By reducing latency, computer systems can provide faster response times and improved performance.

Ray Tracing: Ray tracing is an advanced rendering technique used in computer graphics to simulate the way light interacts with objects in a virtual environment. It traces the path of light rays as they travel through a scene, calculating how they interact with surfaces, materials, and lighting sources. By simulating the complex behaviors of light, ray tracing produces highly realistic and accurate visual effects, including lifelike reflections, shadows, and refractions. This technology enhances the overall visual quality of images and animations by accurately replicating how light behaves in the real world, resulting in a more immersive and visually stunning digital experience.

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Tensor Cores: Tensor Cores are a type of specialized hardware designed to accelerate deep learning and AI applications. They are used in the computer industry to speed up the training of deep learning models and to enable faster inference. Tensor Cores are capable of performing matrix operations at a much faster rate than traditional CPUs, allowing for faster training and inference of deep learning models. This technology is used in a variety of applications, including image recognition, natural language processing, and autonomous driving. Tensor Cores are also used in the gaming industry to improve the performance of games and to enable more realistic graphics.

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