April 2024

23 AprilLenovo Introduces the AI-Ready ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 Mobile Workstation, a Game-Changer
22 ApriliBUYPOWER introduces Valorant Champions Tour Americas-Themed Gaming PCs, Now Available at...
21 AprilIntel introduces Lunar Lake at Intel Vision 2024: Impressive 100+ TOPS Overall, 45 TOPS...
21 AprilNVIDIA introduces RTX A1000 and A400: Affordable ProViz Cards Embrace Ray Tracing
20 AprilSPARKLE introduces Intel Arc Graphics Card Series for Embedded Systems
19 AprilSK hynix teams up with TSMC to revolutionize HBM4 chip packaging.
18 AprilZOTAC introduces Scalable GPU Platforms and Industrial Solutions at Hannover Messe 2024
18 April“Intel’s Lunar Lake: Unveiling the Intel Core Ultra 200V – A Promising...
18 AprilAMD introduces Powerful AI PCs for Mobile and Desktop, Dominating Commercial Market
18 AprilIntel Constructs Massive Neuromorphic System, Paving Way for Sustainable AI Advancements
17 AprilNVIDIA introduces RTX A400 and A1000: Professional Graphics Cards
16 AprilNVIDIA’s Blackwell Platform to Propel TSMC’s CoWoS Capacity by 150% in 2024
15 AprilEK Enhances Quantum Vector² Water Blocks for Nitro+ and Pulse RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX
15 AprilMSI introduces GPU Servers for Media and Entertainment Sector at 2024 NAB Show
12 AprilAMD discreetly introduces the powerful Ryzen 7 8700F and Ryzen 5 8400F processors
12 AprilDFI pioneers Industrial Computing with MicroATX Motherboards – a game-changer.
11 AprilGeekom’s XT12 Pro releases Power of Core i9-12900H CPU, Now Accessible
10 AprilADLINK introduces Intel Arc A380E GPU-Powered Graphics Card at Embedded World 2024
10 AprilASUS introduces PE8000G: A IoT Innovation in Connectivity
10 AprilIntel’s Core Ultra Desktop Processors Arrive
9 AprilIntel introduces Gaudi 3 AI Accelerator: Scaling Up and Setting Sights on AI Market...
9 AprilAcer introduces Nitro 14 and Nitro 16 Gaming Laptops with AMD Ryzen 8040 Processors
9 AprilAcer introduces Predator Helios Neo 14: Portable AI Gaming Laptop Powered by Intel Core...
9 AprilSiFive Introduces HiFive Premier P550: Out-of-Order RISC-V Board for Developers
9 AprilAdvantech Reveals Intel Arc A380E GPU Card, Pioneering Technology
9 AprilIntel and Altera Unveil AI Solutions for Embedded World
8 AprilImagination’s innovative Catapult CPU fuels RISC-V device adoption, revolutionizing...
8 AprilNVIDIA’s Next-Gen GeForce RTX 50 Series GPUs Set to Redefine High-Performance Gaming
6 AprilIntel XeSS 1.3 Unleashed: DLAA Challenger with Enhanced Quality, Performance, and...
4 AprilPowerColor Reveals Hellhound RX 7800 XT Sakura Edition: A Striking Innovation
3 AprilAMD introduces Ryzen Embedded 8000 CPUs, Empowering Industrial AI with Integrated NPUs
3 AprilCE-LINK Introduces Revolutionary SFX Power Supply: Compact, Yet Incredibly Powerful

March 2024

31 MarchSamsung Adds GDDR7 Memory Chips to Catalog, Paving the Way for Next-Gen Graphics
28 MarchROG Ally’s Ryzen Foundation Outpaces MSI’s Claw (Intel Core Ultra) Meteor...
28 MarchZOTAC introduces NPU-Accelerated Intel and AMD ZBOX AI PCs, Expanding Their Product Line
28 MarchIntrospect Technology introduces GDDR7 Memory Test System, a Global Pioneer
27 MarchNVIDIA Hopper: A Remarkable Leap in Generative AI Performance at MLPerf
27 MarchCooler Master introduces the sleek TD500 MAX case, a innovation.
27 MarchASUS introduces the powerful NUC 14 Pro, a game-changer in compact computing.
26 MarchNVIDIA’s Modulus & Omniverse Drive Physics Models and Simulations
26 MarchAEWIN introduces SCB Network Appliances: Harnessing AMD EPYC 8004 for Enhanced Performance
26 MarchPhison and MediaTek Join Forces to Drive Advancements in Generative AI Computing
26 MarchBlizzard introduces Diablo IV Visual Upgrades for PC and Consoles
24 MarchAMD Ryzen 9000 “Strix Point” CPUs with Zen 5 Cores, RDNA 3+ GPU Set for H2...
24 MarchNVIDIA’s GPU IP Powers MediaTek’s Dimension Auto SoCs
22 MarchInvestigation Underway: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Developers Address PC Performance Concerns
22 MarchMicron’s HBM3E Supply for 2024 Completely Sold Out, Dominates Majority of 2025
22 MarchNvidia CEO Affirms Strong Alliance with TSMC, Ensuring Solid Tech Collaboration
21 MarchSK hynix introduces AI Memory Solutions at NVIDIA GTC 2024
21 MarchNVIDIA’s Tech Breathes Life into AI Characters, Blurring Reality
20 MarchQualcomm introduces Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3: Elevating GenAI in High-End Smartphones
20 MarchSK hynix introduces SSD for AI PCs at NVIDIA GTC 2024
19 MarchDell broadens AI products with NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs, embracing generative solutions.
19 MarchThermaltake introduces Exclusive LCGS Reactor Gaming Desktops
19 MarchSK Hynix Commences Mass Production of HBM3E, Delivering Impressive 9.2 GT/s Speed
19 MarchCorsair introduces White RMx SHIFT PSU Series, Featuring Innovative Side-Mounted...
19 MarchASUS introduces Data-Center Solutions Empowered by MGX
19 MarchASRock Rack Reveals NVIDIA Blackwell GB200 Supported GPU Servers
19 MarchSupermicro introduces advanced NVIDIA-powered SuperClusters for seamless AI deployment.
19 MarchGIGABYTE Reveals AI Platforms at NVIDIA GTC: A Perfect Blend of Power and Innovation