LG Display Introduces 480Hz QHD Gaming OLED Screen at CES 2024

January 5, 2024 by our News Team

CES Las Vegas

LG Display has announced the development of a 27-inch 480 Hz QHD Gaming OLED display, featuring ultra-high refresh rates, fast response times, and enhanced image quality, which will be showcased at CES 2024.

  • 27-inch 480 Hz QHD Gaming OLED display
  • Unique OLED technology allows for independent pixel emission and no need for a backlight unit
  • Ultra-high refresh rate of 480 Hz for smoother and clearer gameplay

LG Display, the innovator in display technologies, has made a announcement today. The company has successfully developed a 27-inch 480 Hz QHD Gaming OLED display, marking a new era for OLEDs with ultra-high refresh rates. This impressive display will be officially showcased at CES 2024.

LG Display’s latest Gaming OLED display takes advantage of its unique OLED technology, which allows each pixel to emit light independently without the need for a backlight unit. This innovation enables the display to achieve an unprecedented 480 Hz Refresh Rate, along with an immersive QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 and an incredibly fast Response Time of 0.03 ms. These features combine to create the ultimate gaming experience for avid gamers.

The 480 Hz refresh rate of LG Display’s Gaming OLED display means it can generate an astonishing 480 images per second. A higher refresh rate is highly sought after in gaming monitors as it ensures smoother and clearer gameplay, even during fast-paced screen transitions.

LG Display’s Gaming OLED displays also excel in image quality thanks to the company’s ‘META Technology.’ This technology incorporates a ‘Micro Lens Array (MLA)’ that maximizes the emission of organic light from the OLED panel and minimizes external light reflections, particularly during darker scenes. As a result, gamers can enjoy enhanced image quality and a more immersive experience.

Moreover, LG Display’s Gaming OLED displays emit the lowest level of blue light in the industry, emitting approximately half the amount emitted by premium LCDs. This reduction in blue light not only minimizes eye fatigue but also eliminates flickers, providing gamers with a more comfortable and enjoyable gaming session.

Excitingly, LG Display plans to launch the 27-inch 480 Hz QHD Gaming OLED display in the first half of this year. Additionally, at CES 2024, the company will unveil its full lineup of Gaming OLED displays in various sizes, including 27, 31.5, 34, 39, and 45 inches, as it makes its grand entrance into the high-end gaming display market.

Among the new additions to LG Display’s impressive lineup are the Gaming OLED displays in the 30-inch range. Notably, the 34- and 39-inch displays offer an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 21:9, providing gamers with an immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, the 31.5-inch panel supports a UHD resolution of 3840×2160, making it suitable not only for gaming but also for office work and content consumption.

Won-seok Kang, Vice President and Head of the Large Display Product Planning Division at LG Display, expressed their commitment to strengthening their leadership in the high-end gaming display market. They plan to leverage OLED’s separateive qualities, such as ultra-high refresh rates, fast response times, and perfect black levels, to deliver next-level viewing experiences.

LG Display’s latest development in Gaming OLED displays is undoubtedly a significant step forward in the world of gaming technology. With its impressive specifications and commitment to enhancing the gaming experience, LG Display is poised to make a lasting impact in the high-end gaming display market.

LG Display Introduces 480Hz QHD Gaming OLED Screen at CES 2024

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About LG: LG Electronics, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a global technology company for its diverse portfolio of innovative products. With a presence in various industries, including consumer electronics, home appliances, mobile devices, and more, LG is a leader in technological advancements. LG offers a range of laptops and monitors that combine sleek design with advanced features, catering to both personal and professional needs.

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About CES: CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada, organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). With a history dating back to 1967, it has become the world's premier platform for unveiling and exploring the latest innovations in consumer electronics and technology. Drawing exhibitors ranging from industry titans to startups across diverse sectors, including automotive, health and wellness, robotics, gaming, and artificial intelligence, CES transforms Las Vegas into a global tech hub, offering a glimpse into the future of technology through a wide array of showcases, from startup-focused Eureka Park to cutting-edge automotive and health tech exhibitions.

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OLED: Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology is a cutting-edge display technology that has revolutionized the computer industry by producing superior image quality and superior energy efficiency. OLED technology works by using organic compounds to create an efficient and flexible light source. This type of technology has enabled thinner and lighter designs as well as improved color range and resolution. OLED technology is currently used in laptop displays and is increasingly used in televisions and mobile devices. Its benefits, such as relatively low power consumption and extraordinary brightness, give a more vivid and more powerful image even in dim areas. OLED technology has also improved computer performance, as its power efficiency passes on to other computer components and leads to extended battery life. OLED technology also features shorter response time and full color reproducibility, making it ideal for fast-paced action games.

Refresh Rate: The technology refresh rate is a measure of how often a computer system is updated with new hardware and software. It is an important factor in the computer industry, as it determines how quickly a system can be upgraded and how well it can handle new applications. The refresh rate is usually measured in years, and it is important for businesses to keep their systems up to date in order to remain competitive. A higher refresh rate means that the system can handle more applications and can be upgraded more quickly. This can be beneficial for businesses that need to keep up with the latest technology trends. Additionally, a higher refresh rate can help reduce the cost of maintaining a system, as newer hardware and software can be more efficient and cost-effective.

Response Time: Technology response time is the amount of time it takes for a computer system to respond to a given input from a user. It is a measure of how quickly a computer system can respond to a user’s query or instruction. The lower the response time the better the performance of the system. The response time is an important factor in the performance of different computer systems. In the computer industry, technology response time can be used to measure the efficiency of different computers, meaning that the faster the response time the higher the performance. Technology response time can also be used to compare the performance of different computer systems by measuring how quickly they can respond to a given input.

UHD: Ultra High Definition (UHD) is a technology that revolutionizes the quality of digital display with resolutions much higher than standard HD. UHD offers sharper images and higher resolutions in order to provide the user with better clarity and detail. UHD is widely used in gaming, media streaming, and HDTVs, as it offers superior viewing experience. In the computer industry, UHD is used to create high-end visuals for gaming, video conferencing, and streaming of 4K content. UHD also enables users to extend their desktop workspace and multitask better with multiple screens. With UHD, computer users can also enjoy an improved multimedia experience that provides more depth and vivid colors. UHD gives users more options for connecting their monitors and TV displays to their computers for enhanced gaming and streaming experience.

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