Be quiet! introduces Dark Base 701: a sleek, high-airflow case designed for ultimate usability.

November 11, 2023 by our News Team

be quiet!'s Dark Base 701 is a premium PC case that combines top-notch performance, stunning aesthetics, and usability for PC gamers and enthusiasts.

  • Optimal airflow and cooling
  • Versatile motherboard tray
  • Tool-less installation of drives, fans, and radiators

German manufacturer be quiet! is stirring up the PC component industry with its latest release, the Dark Base 701. This premium case combines top-notch performance with stunning aesthetics, making it a must-have for PC gamers and enthusiasts.

The Dark Base 701 boasts a full mesh top and front, allowing for optimal airflow and cooling. Equipped with award-winning Silent Wings 4-fans, this case ensures a quiet yet powerful performance. The subtle ARGB effects add a touch of style without going overboard.

One of the standout features of the Dark Base 701 is its focus on usability. With a versatile motherboard tray that allows for assembly outside the case and support for inverted builds, this case caters to users of all experience levels. The tool-less installation of drives, fans, and radiators further adds to its ease-of-use.

In terms of performance, the Dark Base 701 surpasses its predecessor, the Dark Base 700. While the Dark Base 700 prioritized silent operation, the Dark Base 701 is designed for high airflow and performance. The fully perforated mesh panels are perfect for case fans or water cooling, and the three pre-installed Silent Wings 4 fans ensure efficient cooling for high-end systems.

The Dark Base 701 also excels in aesthetics. Its sleek all-black design is complemented by two ARGB LED strips that run down the front panel. These strips are connected to a combined ARGB and fan hub, allowing for customization and control. The front I/O includes dedicated buttons for the ARGB and fan controller, as well as USB type C and type A ports.

With cable routing channels and a tempered glass side window, the Dark Base 701 offers both functionality and visual appeal. And as with all be quiet! products, it comes with a full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Dark Base 701 is available in black starting from November 14 at a suggested retail price of $229.90 / €229.00 / £229.99. Optional HDD Cage 2 drive cages and a Riser Cable for vertical GPU installation are also available on the market. Keep an eye out for the white version, set to be released next year.

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