Tech Industry Legal Duel: Lian Li vs. Phanteks

September 15, 2023

Tech Industry Legal Duel: Lian Li vs. Phanteks

Summary: Lian Li has taken legal action against Phanteks, accusing them of patent infringement for allegedly copying Lian Li's innovative fan connection method in their D30 RGB cooling fans, sparking a legal battle in the tech industry.

  • Lian Li is committed to safeguarding its intellectual property in the competitive computer hardware market.
  • The outcome of this legal battle will have ramifications not only for these two companies but also for the broader tech community.

In a significant development within the tech industry, Lian Li Industries, has initiated legal proceedings against Phanteks Europe/Axpertec Inc. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California, centers on an alleged patent infringement related to Lian Li’s innovative design for computer cooling fans. Lian Li asserts that Phanteks’ D30 RGB cooling fan series infringes upon their patented design, registered in June 2020 under US Patent 10,690,336 B1.

This legal battle didn’t happen overnight. It began with a notice sent out by Lian Li to Phanteks back in May of this year, warning them of the potential infringement. However, it appears that Phanteks chose to ignore these early warnings and continued to market and sell its D30 RGB products.

Lian Li’s core claim revolves around the patented design outlined in US Patent 10,690,336 B1. In particular, Claim 1 of this patent describes an “illumination fan connectable with at least one illumination fan for a computer.” The key components of this design include a central fan, an illumination area on at least two sides of the fan, a power socket, and connectors on opposite sides of the fan body.

Crucially, the power socket is electrically connected with the connectors, the fan, and the illumination area. When power is supplied to the socket, it drives both the fan and the illumination area into action. Furthermore, the connectors on one fan can be seamlessly connected to those on another fan, allowing for a daisy-chain connection. This interconnected design enables synchronized rotation and illumination when multiple fans are linked together.

Lian Li contends that Phanteks’ D30 RGB cooling fan series has replicated their simple and compact connection method, particularly the daisy-chaining capability, which is a important feature of Lian Li’s UNI FAN lineup. This alleged imitation has prompted Lian Li to take legal action, asserting their rights to protect their intellectual property and innovative designs.

It’s worth noting that Lian Li has previously taken similar legal action against another competitor, Thermaltake. This suggests that Lian Li is committed to safeguarding its intellectual property in the competitive computer hardware market.

The tech industry is no stranger to patent disputes, and the case of Lian Li Industries versus Phanteks Europe/Axpertec Inc. is a recent addition to this ongoing narrative. As this legal battle unfolds in the US District Court, the outcome will undoubtedly have ramifications not only for these two companies but also for the broader tech community. It serves as a reminder of the importance of innovation, intellectual property rights, and the role of the legal system in upholding them.

We will continue to monitor this case and provide updates on any developments as it progresses through the legal channels. Stay tuned for further insights into this intriguing clash of tech titans.


Background Information

About Lian Li: Lian Li is a manufacturer of computer cases and PC accessories. Established in 1983 in Taiwan, Lian Li is known for its premium-quality, aluminum computer chassis, which are admired for their sleek and elegant designs. The company has gained a reputation for producing high-end cases that offer excellent build quality and customizable features for PC enthusiasts and gamers. Lian Li cases often provide advanced cable management options and efficient cooling solutions to help users create powerful and aesthetically pleasing computer setups

About Phanteks: Phanteks is a manufacturer in the computer hardware industry, known primarily for its computer cases, cooling solutions, and accessories. Founded in 2007 in the Netherlands, Phanteks has made a name for itself by producing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing PC components. They are recognized for their innovative case designs, efficient cooling systems, and user-friendly features that cater to both gamers and PC enthusiasts. Phanteks cases often provide ample space for custom PC builds, excellent cable management options, and compatibility with advanced cooling setups.

About Thermaltake: Thermaltake was founded in 1999 in Taiwan by Kenny Lin. It has since become a important player in the computer hardware industry, specializing in a wide range of PC components and accessories. Known for their innovative designs and high-quality products, Thermaltake has earned a reputation for enhancing both the performance and aesthetics of gaming and workstation setups worldwide.

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