Intel’s new PresentMon Beta released, claims 19% GPU driver FPS improvement

August 18, 2023 by our News Team

.Intel has released a new driver update for the Arc A750 GPU, offering significant performance improvements in select DirectX 11 games, with an average 19% increase in FPS and 20% improvement in smooth delivery compared to the launch driver.

  • Average 19% increase in FPS compared to the launch driver for the Arc A750 GPU in DirectX 11 games
  • 20% improvement in smooth delivery as demonstrated by 99% frame time percentiles
  • Intel's "Game On" program focuses on driver optimizations for specific titles at launch

Intel Releases New Arc A750 GPU Driver with Significant Performance Improvements for DX11 Games

Intel has recently launched its latest driver update for the Arc Alchemist Graphics Cards, offering enhanced performance and reduced frame time in select DirectX 11 games. The update, which utilizes a whitelist approach, was not explicitly mentioned in the release notes but was instead revealed through an Intel blog post. This driver follows the successful release of the DX9 driver a few months ago, which delivered notable performance enhancements for numerous older games.

According to Intel, the new drivers deliver an average 19% increase in FPS (frames per second) compared to the launch driver for the Arc A750 GPU in DirectX 11 games. Additionally, the updated drivers ensure smoother gameplay, with a 20% improvement in smooth delivery as demonstrated by 99% frame time percentiles that are significantly smoother than those achieved with the initial drivers.

It is important to note that this driver is currently only compatible with specific games that have been whitelisted by Intel. While manual adjustments may be possible, Intel is still in the process of verifying the effectiveness of these DX11 optimizations across other games. Therefore, it is likely that the list of supported games will expand over time.

Intel has already released 30 drivers this year, including 57 titles optimized under their “Game On” program. This program focuses on driver optimizations for specific titles at launch, similar to nVidia’s Game Ready program. Additionally, Intel proudly announces that XeSS, their AI-powered upscaling technology, is now available in over 70 games. It is worth noting that it is uncommon for companies to provide detailed information about their drivers, but Intel has clearly invested significant effort into improving their drivers over the past year.

In another exciting development for GPU enthusiasts, Intel has revamped its PresentMon tool, which is still widely used by third-party software. The company has released a new beta version of PresentMon, featuring an enthusiast-friendly interface with an overlay. This tool provides GPU telemetry data such as voltage, clocks, and temperatures, and also offers chart plotting for each metric.

Furthermore, the updated PresentMon tool supports all GPU vendors and a range of graphics APIs, including DirectX 9, 11, 12, and Vulkan. It also includes command line support for advanced users. The tool can be downloaded from Intel’s website.

Overall, Intel’s latest driver update for the Arc A750 GPU showcases significant performance improvements in DX11 games, further solidifying Intel’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for its users. With ongoing optimizations and updates, Intel continues to demonstrate its dedication to delivering top-notch graphics performance.

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