AOC’s AGON Introduces the C27G4ZXE: A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with 280Hz

June 24, 2024 by our News Team

The AOC GAMING C27G4ZXE is a 27-inch curved Full HD monitor with a 280 Hz refresh rate, sleek design, and impressive performance, perfect for an immersive and high-speed gaming experience.

  • The C27G4ZXE boasts a sleek and modern design inspired by stealth fighters, making it a visually appealing addition to any gaming setup.
  • With its 1500R curvature, this monitor provides an immersive gaming experience that mimics the natural curvature of the human eye.
  • Featuring an impressive 280 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms GtG response time, the C27G4ZXE delivers smooth and responsive gameplay with no motion blur or ghosting.

AGON by AOC, a brand in the gaming monitor and IT accessories industry, is thrilled to introduce the AOC GAMING C27G4ZXE. This curved 27-inch Full HD monitor is designed to take immersive, high-Refresh Rate gaming to new heights. As part of the G4 gaming line-up, the C27G4ZXE features a sleek and angular design inspired by stealth fighters, a 1500R curvature, and an impressive 280 Hz refresh rate. Whether you’re into story-driven action games, RPGs, fast-paced racing titles, simulations, or shooters, this monitor is the perfect choice for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Let’s talk about the design first. The C27G4ZXE boasts a modern aesthetic with a grey and black color scheme that seamlessly blends into any gaming setup. Its slim bezels and sharp lines give it a sleek and attractive appearance reminiscent of a stealth aircraft. And the best part? The simple and compact stand provides a stable base without taking away from the monitor’s overall look, allowing esports enthusiasts to move their keyboard and mouse around comfortably. Plus, with its 100×100 VESA mount compatibility, the C27G4ZXE is also suitable for multi-monitor setups with monitor arms.

Now, let’s dive into the immersive experience that this monitor offers. The soft 1500R curvature wraps gently around your field of view, creating a truly immersive gaming experience. It mimics the natural curvature of the human eye, providing a more comfortable and engaging viewing experience during those long gaming sessions. Whether you’re flying through the virtual skies in a racing simulator or exploring vast open worlds, the C27G4ZXE’s curvature draws you deeper into the action.

But what about performance? Well, this monitor doesn’t disappoint. With an astonishing 280 Hz refresh rate, the C27G4ZXE delivers incredibly smooth and responsive gameplay, giving you the competitive edge you need in fast-paced titles. Say goodbye to ghosting and motion blur because, at the highest pixel overdrive setting, this monitor can achieve up to 1 ms GtG Response Time. That means your visuals will be crisp and clear, with no annoying artifacts. And for those who value motion clarity above all else, the C27G4ZXE features an enhanced MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) mode that uses a strobing backlight. This reduces the MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) to an impressive 0.3 ms, ensuring virtually blur-free visuals.

Now, let’s talk resolution. The C27G4ZXE’s Full HD resolution (1920×1080) strikes the perfect balance between visual clarity and performance. Even mid-range GPUs can achieve the monitor’s impressive 280 Hz refresh rate in most titles, so you can enjoy its lightning-fast performance without needing top-of-the-line hardware.

But it’s not just about speed and visuals; the C27G4ZXE also excels in delivering stunning image quality. It features a high-contrast Fast VA panel with a 4000:1 contrast ratio, which means you’ll experience deep blacks and vibrant colors that bring your games to life. And with HDR10 support, the monitor can display a wider range of brightness and color levels, revealing intricate details in both dark and bright scenes. This further enhances your immersion in the game world.

And let’s not forget about Adaptive-Sync technology. The C27G4ZXE supports this technology, which synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with your GPU’s output. The result? A seamless and fluid gaming experience without any screen tearing or stuttering. Say goodbye to distracting visual artifacts and hello to smooth gameplay, regardless of your graphics card.

If you’re looking for other options within the high-refresh family, AGON by AOC has got you covered. They have recently launched other gaming monitors with 280 Hz refresh rates, such as the 27G2ZN3/BK with its Flat 27-inch Fast VA panel and height-adjustable stand, or the C27G2Z3/BK with its curved 27-inch Fast VA panel and a height-adjustable stand as well. So, no matter your specific needs, there’s a monitor for you.

Now, let’s talk availability and pricing. The AOC GAMING C27G4ZXE will be available from July 2024, and it comes with a generous 3-year warranty. And the best part? You can get your hands on this impressive monitor at an attractive MSRP of £219.99.

So, if you’re in the market for a gaming monitor that pushes the boundaries of immersion, speed, and visual quality, look no further than the AOC GAMING C27G4ZXE. It’s a monitor that will take your gaming experience to new heights and make every moment feel truly epic.

AOC’s AGON Introduces the C27G4ZXE: A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with 280Hz

AOC’s AGON Introduces the C27G4ZXE: A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with 280Hz

AOC’s AGON Introduces the C27G4ZXE: A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with 280Hz

AOC’s AGON Introduces the C27G4ZXE: A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with 280Hz

AOC’s AGON Introduces the C27G4ZXE: A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor with 280Hz

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Background Information

About AGON: AGON is a gaming brand associated with AOC, a well-known monitor manufacturer. AGON offers gaming monitors designed to meet the needs of competitive gamers, with features like high refresh rates and low response times.

About AOC: AOC, or Admiral Overseas Corporation, is a Taiwanese electronics company that was founded in 1967. The company's headquarters are situated in Taipei, Taiwan. AOC is a well-known brand for computer monitors and displays, offering a wide range of solutions for both consumers and professionals.

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