Logitech’s Conference Room Products Embrace Eco-Friendly Materials for Sustainable Future

January 31, 2024 by our News Team

Logitech announces the use of next-life plastics in their video collaboration devices, aiming to help enterprise customers achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint, while also offering consultations and sharing their Design for Sustainability principles with other organizations in the consumer technology industry.

  • Logitech is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and helping other companies achieve their sustainability goals.
  • The company is incorporating sustainable materials, such as next-life plastics, into its video collaboration devices.
  • Logitech's Design for Sustainability approach includes circular materials, low carbon aluminum, and power-saving modes to reduce carbon emissions.

Logitech, the tech company known for its innovative video collaboration devices, has recently made an exciting announcement. All of its video collaboration devices that operate on the CollabOS operating system will now be manufactured using next-life plastics. This move is aimed at helping enterprise customers achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

Logitech’s existing products, including the popular Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Tap IP, Tap Scheduler, and Scribe, will be refreshed with materials that have a lower carbon impact. By doing so, Logitech aims to provide organizations with a reliable partner that can assist them in managing their carbon footprint effectively.

Prakash Arunkundrum, the Chief Operating Officer at Logitech, highlighted the significance of this transition, stating, “By transitioning our portfolio of conference room devices to a lower product carbon footprint, we are helping other companies navigate their sustainability challenges. We’re not only designing and manufacturing new products with recycled plastic and other lower carbon materials, but refreshing existing products to provide IT leaders with a new way to evaluate their workplace technology investment in conference room systems – one that includes people and the planet. We do this without increasing prices or compromising the highest quality and performance companies expect from Logitech.”

The importance of reducing negative environmental impact has become a pressing concern for businesses worldwide. According to a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, 65% of IT professionals consider becoming a leader in environmental, social, governance, and sustainability practices as a critical or very important business objective in the coming year.

Logitech’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its adoption of Design for Sustainability (DfS) principles across its video collaboration portfolio. This means that Logitech customers can now equip their conference rooms, including Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, with technology specifically designed with sustainability in mind. Logitech has already made significant progress in incorporating sustainable materials into personal workstation peripherals such as webcams, headsets, mice, and keyboards.

A key aspect of Logitech’s Design for Sustainability approach is the use of circular materials, including post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) referred to as “next-life plastics.” The company’s newer conference room products, like the Logitech Sight, boast a minimum of 50% certified recycled plastic, a 21% reduction in carbon footprint, and the avoidance of 1,400tCO2e carbon per 100,000 units. To put it into perspective, this amount of carbon saved is equivalent to driving around the Earth approximately 131 times.

Logitech’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the use of recycled plastics. Their video conferencing products feature low carbon aluminum made with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, packaging sourced from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources, and 100% recycled fabrics in the Rally Bar family. Additionally, Logitech provides an option to collect and recycle old video conferencing equipment through its Logitech Select program. The company has also implemented power-saving modes that can potentially reduce the carbon impact of products like the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini by a substantial 1.65 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

In its pursuit of carbon reduction, Logitech has already achieved a remarkable 21% decrease in Scope 3 emissions in 2022. Looking ahead, the company aims to remove more carbon than it creates by 2030. To accelerate progress and inspire industry-wide change, Logitech is offering to openly share its Design for Sustainability principles, tools, and knowledge of incorporating sustainable materials in the manufacturing process with other organizations in the consumer technology industry interested in enhancing their sustainability efforts. For those interested in exploring sustainable manufacturing options, Logitech welcomes consultations through [email protected].

As companies increasingly prioritize carbon reduction and accountability, they seek out technology vendors that provide transparency through key performance indicators, reporting, and third-party certifications. Logitech is well on its way to achieving its 2025 target of having a product carbon footprint for every item in its portfolio. This commitment allows technology buyers to make informed decisions about the impact of their choices when outfitting their global workforces with meeting room, personal workstation, and flex desk solutions. Logitech’s progress toward its Climate Action goals is documented annually in its Impact Report.

The availability of Logitech’s business products made with Next Life Plastic may vary depending on the supply of existing products in each region. For more information on specific products and their availability, interested individuals can visit Logitech’s website. To learn more about the Logitech Select collect-and-recycle program, inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

Logitech’s Conference Room Products Embrace Eco-Friendly Materials for Sustainable Future

Logitech’s Conference Room Products Embrace Eco-Friendly Materials for Sustainable Future

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