Gigabyte introduces AI Strategy to Shape Consumer Products and Map AI’s Future

October 19, 2023 by our News Team

GIGABYTE has launched a strategic framework for AI, built upon three pillars: a comprehensive AI operating platform, AI-based product design, and engagement in the AI ecosystem, to shape the future of the consumer PC market.

  • Provides a comprehensive AI operating platform for cloud and edge computing
  • Enhances product performance through AI-based product design
  • Engages in the AI ecosystem to create a seamless AI experience

Gigabyte, a important player in the cloud computing and AI server markets, has launched its new strategic framework for AI. This blueprint outlines the company’s vision for the future of the consumer PC market, driven by AI technology. The framework is built upon three fundamental pillars: a comprehensive AI operating platform, AI-based product design, and engagement in the AI ecosystem.

The first pillar focuses on providing a comprehensive AI operating platform that caters to a wide range of computing applications. GIGABYTE’s AI servers offer robust computing power for demanding AI workloads in the cloud, including generative AI services and machine learning applications. On the other hand, GIGABYTE’s consumer products, such as high-performance Graphics Cards and gaming Laptops, deliver instant and reliable AI computing power at the edge. These products enable real-time video processing and AI-driven gaming experiences. Additionally, GIGABYTE offers an AI operating platform specifically designed for next-generation AI processors like NPUs, ensuring power efficiency, security, and user-friendliness in AI collaboration systems.

The second pillar revolves around enhancing product performance through AI-based product design. GIGABYTE leverages its decades of experience in designing motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and monitors to optimize product design using AI simulations. By identifying the most effective design parameters through AI, GIGABYTE can develop products that precisely meet the diverse needs of its customers. This approach allows GIGABYTE to anticipate changes in user behavior patterns resulting from AI tool usage and continuously fine-tune product settings. From BIOS tuning of motherboards to power management of laptops, AI-driven enhancements optimize performance to meet users’ demands.

The third pillar focuses on building a seamless AI experience by engaging in the AI ecosystem. GIGABYTE collaborates closely with industry leaders like Intel, nVidia, and AMD to create a vibrant AI ecosystem that maximizes the benefits of their AI technologies. For instance, GIGABYTE partners with Microsoft to launch Azure AI laptops and integrate AI services like Microsoft Copilot. This collaboration ensures a truly immersive AI experience by incorporating related AI services and technologies into existing platforms. GIGABYTE also works with generative AI software developers to ensure compatibility with their hardware, emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and experiences. Furthermore, GIGABYTE’s software services receive upgrades through AI integration, significantly improving AI performance and enhancing the overall user experience.

GIGABYTE’s AI Strategic Framework marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to AI. It signals the imminent launch of a range of new AI-centric PC consumer products, covering motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and gaming monitors. These products aim to create a seamless AI experience for consumers, enabling them to effortlessly enjoy the convenience of the AI era. With its comprehensive AI operating platform, AI-based product design, and engagement in the AI ecosystem, GIGABYTE is poised to shape the future of the consumer PC market.

Gigabyte introduces AI Strategy to Shape Consumer Products and Map AI’s Future

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