ASRock introduces Linux-Compatible AI QuickSet Software: A Game-Changer for Tech Enthusiasts

January 2, 2024 by our News Team

ASRock's Linux version of AI QuickSet simplifies installation and configuration of AI applications, leveraging powerful hardware and software solutions for optimal performance and a user-friendly experience.

  • Compatible with popular Linux operating system Ubuntu 22.04.3 Desktop (64-bit)
  • Utilizes Docker software for easy installation and configuration of AI applications
  • Leverages ASRock's powerful hardware and software solutions for optimal performance

ASRock, a leading global motherboard manufacturer, has recently launched the Linux version of its AI QuickSet software tool. This release comes after the successful launch of the Windows 10/11 64-bit version, which garnered significant attention from users worldwide.

The Linux version of ASRock AI QuickSet software tool is compatible with Ubuntu 22.04.3 Desktop (64-bit) operating system. It leverages Docker software to simplify the installation and configuration process of AI applications, ensuring a streamlined user experience. By harnessing the immense computing capabilities of ASRock’s AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 series Graphics Cards and AMD ROCm™ software platform, it enables support for a wider range of open-source AI applications and enhances their performance. Notable applications include Image/Manga Translator, Stable Diffusion CLI & web UI image generation tool, Text generation web UI, and Ultralytics YOLOv8 object detection and image segmentation model. These products provide Linux users with an enriched AI application experience.

ASRock’s Linux version of the AI QuickSet software tool shares the same purpose as its Windows counterpart: simplifying the installation and configuration of AI applications without requiring users to navigate complex settings. With the robust computing capabilities provided by ASRock’s hardware and software solutions, it ensures optimal performance for a diverse range of open-source AI applications. This showcases ASRock’s expertise in software and hardware research and development, as well as its commitment to user-centric design. Consequently, ASRock AI QuickSet software tool emerges as a top choice for Linux users seeking a seamless introduction to AI applications.

For more information on ASRock’s AI QuickSet software tool, visit their official website:

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