Noctua introduces the NF-A4x10 24V PWM 40mm Fan, a compact powerhouse.

December 12, 2023 by our News Team

Noctua has released the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM, a highly anticipated fan designed specifically for 24 V applications, featuring advanced aerodynamic design, PWM speed control, and a comprehensive warranty.

  • Highly anticipated release for 24 V applications
  • PWM speed control for customizable performance
  • Comes with a comprehensive 6-year manufacturer's warranty

Noctua, the cooling solutions manufacturer, has finally launched its highly anticipated 24 V version of the NF-A4x10 40 mm fan. This new fan brings the exceptional quiet cooling performance of the NF-A4x10 to the 24 V space, making it an ideal choice for 24 V-based 3D printers and other applications that operate on 24 V.

Equipped with PWM speed control and bundled with the OmniJoin adaptor set, NA-AC9 adaptor cable (compatible with popular 3D printers like Creality Ender 3 & CR-10, Anycubic Mega), Low-Noise Adaptor, and an impressive 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM is a premium offering that leaves no stone unturned.

According to Roland Mossig, the CEO of Noctua, the recent release of the NA-VC1 voltage converter provided a flexible solution for running their 12 V fans in 24 V environments. However, due to high demand from both the 3D printing community and industry clients, Noctua decided to create a native 24 V version of their popular NF-A4x10 fan.

The NF-A4x10 24 V PWM is a PWM-enabled variant of Noctua’s award-winning NF-A4x10 40 mm fan, designed specifically for 24 V applications. It boasts an AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) standard frame and advanced aerodynamic design features such as Flow Acceleration Channels, which contribute to its superior performance and remarkable quietness.

Many popular 3D printers, including the Creality Ender 3 and Anycubic Mega, utilize 24 V fans. With the included NA-AC9 adaptor cable and OmniJoin adaptor set, which simplifies the process of fitting custom connectors, the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM is the perfect cooling solution for the hot end of 24 V-based 3D printers or for additional part cooling.

Thanks to its PWM-based speed control, the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM can be adjusted from its maximum speed of 5000rpm all the way down to 1100rpm. This allows users to achieve near-silent operation or maximize performance using manual speed controllers like the NA-FC1 or automatic speed control setups.

Furthermore, the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM is designed to withstand challenging electrical environments, offering protection against reverse polarity, over voltage, and over current. Its ultra-low EMC emissions make it particularly suitable for applications where electrical interference is a concern. Additionally, the fan includes locked rotor and overloading protection for added safety in situations where mechanical blockage may occur.

Unlike many cheaper alternatives, the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM has undergone rigorous testing for electrical safety, immunity, and radiated emission. It carries certifications from CE, TÜV, UKCA, and UL, complying with all relevant standards such as EN 62368-1, EN 55035, EN 55032, and UL-507. This ensures that the fan is not only high-quality but also safe for use.

As with all Noctua fans, the NF-A4x10 boasts an impressive MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) rating of over 150,000 hours and comes with a comprehensive 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, further solidifying its reliability and durability.

The suggested retail price for the NF-A4x10 24 V PWM is EUR 15.90 / USD 14.90. For more detailed information about this product, visit Noctua’s official product page.

Noctua introduces the NF-A4x10 24V PWM 40mm Fan, a compact powerhouse.

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About Noctua: Noctua is an Austrian company founded in 2005, specializing in premium PC cooling and cooling-related components. They are highly regarded for their high-performance, low-noise cooling solutions, including CPU coolers, fans, and thermal paste. Noctua is known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and providing efficient and silent cooling solutions for PC enthusiasts and professionals

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PWM: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a type of technology used in the computer industry that allows for control over pulse and frequency. It works by modulating an output signal’s pulse width or duty cycle to vary the on and off times of the signal. This technology can be used to control and regulate different DC motor, lighting, and other devices. In the computer industry, PWM is often used to control the speed of CPU and GPU fan speeds for improved cooling. It is also used to control backlighting levels on devices such as keyboards or monitors. PWM is versatile, cost-effective, and efficient; as such, it is an important technology in the computer industry.

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