JBL’s True Wireless Campaign Embraces Ear-Dividuality, Amplifying Personalized Audio Experience

December 22, 2023 by our News Team

JBL's latest campaign, "JBL Makes Earbuds (For Every-One)," celebrates individuality and self-expression through partnerships with emerging talents and immersive experiences, showcasing the brand's commitment to providing a platform for fans to embrace their unique selves and revolutionize the way they engage with audio.

  • Revolutionizing the way consumers engage with audio
  • Encourages individuals to embrace their authenticity without limitations
  • Partnerships with emerging talents and immersive experiences highlight innovative designs and superior audio quality of JBL's TWS earbuds

JBL, the audio brand, has launched its latest brand campaign titled “JBL Makes Earbuds (For Every-One)” with the aim of revolutionizing the way consumers engage with audio. The campaign is centered around the belief that everyone should have earbuds that reflect their unique personality, encouraging individuals to embrace their authenticity without limitations.

At the heart of the campaign is JBL’s unwavering dedication to providing a platform for fans to express their true selves and immerse themselves in the JBLien culture. This lifestyle goes beyond the ordinary, where fans can be their most unique selves and celebrate individuality. The campaign showcases JBL’s commitment through partnerships with emerging talents like Ant, Sojin, Samm, and Marshall, as well as creating immersive experiences that highlight the innovative designs and superior audio quality of JBL’s TWS earbuds.

Daniel Lee, Chief Marketing Officer for HARMAN, stated, “The JBL Makes Earbuds (For Every-One) campaign goes beyond the typical concept of earbuds by combining audio, innovation, and individuality. Choosing JBL is a way for fans to freely express themselves.”

To unveil this exciting campaign, JBL transformed its NYC SoHo store into a dynamic hub on December 13. JBLiens, embodying the campaign’s style and attitude, navigated the city and engaged in captivating conversations, creating a high-energy atmosphere. The event featured a thrilling live set by DJ Stonie Blue and an electrifying performance by Flyana Boss.

Flyana Boss took center stage and perfectly embodied individuality, aligning effortlessly with JBL’s mission to champion unique self-expression. This fusion of energy and personal flair intensified the vibrancy of the event and solidified JBL’s partnership with Flyana Boss as a memorable highlight in the campaign journey.

In an unfolding storyline, JBL has partnered with Nick Kosir, also known as “The Dancing Weatherman,” to share all things JBLien. JBLiens, fully immersed in the campaign, showcase their ear-dividuality, enabling them to connect more deeply with the beats that move them and share their passion with the world. Flyana Boss, leading the charge for JBLiens, teased a grand revelation set to invade fans’ eardrums on December 16. JBL’s social channels will provide updates on this exciting announcement, marking the beginning of an audio revolution.

JBL’s TWS earbuds serve as an extension of users, offering a wide range of customization options through the JBL app. With superior sound quality, spatial audio, active noise cancellation, and long-lasting battery life, JBL’s TWS series transforms the listening experience, delivering unparalleled sound tailored to each individual. By celebrating diversity, amplifying voices, and embracing unapologetic authenticity, JBL fosters a community where every voice is heard, everyone is celebrated, and individuals are free to live authentically.

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Background Information

About JBL: JBL, or James B. Lansing Sound, Incorporated, is an American company that was founded in 1946. The company's headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. JBL is a brand in the audio industry, known for its high-quality audio equipment, including speakers, headphones, and professional audio systems

Technology Explained

TWS: TWS stands for "True Wireless Stereo." It refers to wireless audio technology that enables two separate earbuds or speakers to connect to a device, usually a smartphone or other audio source, without the need for any physical cables between them. TWS devices can provide a stereo audio experience without the constraints of wires, offering greater freedom of movement.

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