Broadcom’s Triumph: VMware Successfully Acquired in a Bold Move

November 23, 2023 by our News Team

Broadcom and VMware have joined forces to create a powerhouse in the industry, with a focus on enabling private and hybrid cloud environments and facilitating an "apps anywhere" strategy to optimize multi-cloud environments.

  • Combined scale and expertise of Broadcom and VMware to help global enterprises tackle complex IT infrastructure challenges
  • Significant investment in research and development (R&D) and partner professional services
  • Prioritization of VMware Cloud Foundation to virtualize and containerize enterprise IT infrastructure

Broadcom, a leading infrastructure technology company, has recently completed its acquisition of VMware, marking an exciting new chapter for both companies. This strategic move brings together Broadcom’s engineering-first approach and VMware’s innovation-centric team, positioning them as a powerhouse in the industry.

The acquisition is not only significant for Broadcom but also for customers worldwide. With the combined scale and expertise, the companies are now well-equipped to help global enterprises tackle complex IT infrastructure challenges. Their focus will be on enabling private and hybrid cloud environments and facilitating an “apps anywhere” strategy, allowing customers to optimize their multi-cloud environments and run applications and services seamlessly.

Broadcom’s commitment to innovation is deeply ingrained in its DNA, and this will continue to drive their investment in VMware’s innovation and customer value. The company plans to allocate significant resources to research and development (R&D) efforts, as well as partner professional services. This investment aims to create value and generate revenue for their partner ecosystem, which has been further strengthened with the addition of VMware’s partners.

Looking ahead, Broadcom will prioritize the advancement of VMware Cloud Foundation, a software stack that serves as the foundation for private and hybrid clouds. By virtualizing and containerizing enterprise IT infrastructure, this platform aims to free up IT resources from integration and management tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering IT services that align with business goals. Additionally, VMware will offer a range of services on top of VMware Cloud Foundation to modernize and optimize cloud environments, including application networking and security solutions.

Protecting workloads from evolving cyber threats is a top priority for customers, and VMware’s distributed security, coupled with full visibility, enables customers to implement robust defense-in-depth and zero-trust security strategies. The company leverages emerging AI techniques to counter the ever-changing threat landscape effectively. In addition, VMware provides load balancer solutions that ensure high availability and auto-scaling of applications in the digital era.

Modern applications play a crucial role in digital transformation, and VMware’s technology is well-positioned to support customers in this area. With more than 70% of CIOs developing net-new modern and cloud-native apps, businesses are prioritizing application strategies that leverage technologies like AI, machine learning, Kubernetes, and open-source solutions. VMware Tanzu, optimized for app development frameworks such as Spring, enables accelerated application development, delivery, and management on any cloud. It allows businesses to gain a competitive edge by increasing software agility and streamlining the experience for platform and cloud operations teams.

Broadcom’s focus on simplifying IT environments will drive the evolution of their existing suite of services. By combining and investing in VMware’s assets, they aim to deliver increased value to customers. The demand for software-enabled technologies is on the rise as organizations seek flexibility within their data centers and different cloud environments. Private and hybrid cloud ambitions are gaining momentum, and software-enabled innovation is key to delivering better outcomes for all types of workloads, from the data center to the edge.

With a proven track record of driving sustainable growth and customer value, Broadcom is poised to make significant strides as a combined company. They are committed to providing best-in-class solutions for customers, partners, and the industry as a whole. The future looks promising as Broadcom and VMware embark on this new journey together.

Broadcom’s Triumph: VMware Successfully Acquired in a Bold Move

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About Broadcom: Founded in 1961, Broadcom is a leading global technology company headquartered in the United States. They specialize in semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Broadcom's innovations in connectivity, networking, and storage technologies have made them a key player in the industry, with a focus on enabling seamless communication and connectivity in the digital world.

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VMware: VMware is an industry leader in virtualization technology, allowing for the effective virtualization of computer hardware, networks, and operating systems. Any organization needing to quickly and efficiently deploy complex network environments can utilize VMware, allowing for greater flexibility than physical solutions. VMware products are especially popular in the enterprise segment, as they offer cost savings through increased worker productivity and improved resource utilization. Virtualized services hosted on VMware offer better scaleability and reliability, as well as improved fault-tolerance and cost savings associated with server consolidation. VMware also provides support for the latest hardware and software components, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications and services. Furthermore, VMware products provide a secure computing environment, as virtual machines are isolated from each other, preventing the spread of viruses and other threats from one virtual machine to another.

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