PowerColor releases Radeon RX 7900 XTX Hellhound & Red Devil GPUs at Affordable Prices

October 3, 2023 by our News Team

PowerColor has dropped the price of its high-end Hellhound and Red Devil RX 7900 graphics cards, with the XTX SKU now available for $899 and the XT variant for $719, marking a significant milestone for AMD's primary partner.

  • PowerColor has significantly dropped the price of its high-end lineup, specifically the Hellhound and Red Devil RX 7900 graphics cards.
  • Newegg and Amazon are offering discounts on the Red Devil series.
  • This marks a significant milestone as it breaks through another pricing barrier for high-end models from one of AMD's primary partners.

PowerColor has made a significant move in the pricing of its high-end lineup, specifically the Hellhound and Red Devil RX 7900 Graphics Cards. The XTX SKU, which is the flagship model, has seen a drop in price to $899, while the XT variant is now available for $719. This adjustment in pricing seems to be focused on PowerColor’s custom variants.

The Red Devil model, considered the higher-end option, has reached this price point for the first time. Newegg is offering the Hellhound models at this price, while Amazon has taken the lead by providing discounts on the Red Devil series. It’s worth noting that this new pricing has come into effect today, and it remains uncertain if other board partners will follow suit with lower prices.

It’s unclear whether PowerColor is testing the waters with these new prices or if it’s a limited-time offer. Nevertheless, this marks a significant milestone as it breaks through another pricing barrier for high-end models from one of AMD’s primary partners.

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