NZXT and Gigabyte unveil Intel’s 14th Gen Core 65W/35W SKU details

October 21, 2023 by our News Team

Intel has confirmed the specifications for its upcoming 14th Gen Core processors, providing details on CPU clock speeds, cache sizes, TDP, and silicon revisions.

  • Intel has confirmed the specifications for its upcoming 14th Gen Core processors through motherboard makers.
  • The lineup includes 24 different models, including six K-series models.
  • Intel has not officially confirmed the existence of its 6.2 GHz processor, the Core i9-14900KS.

Intel has confirmed the specifications for its upcoming 14th Gen Core processors through motherboard makers. While the lineup was already widely known, this confirmation provides details on CPU clock speeds and cache sizes.

Earlier, Intel unintentionally revealed its complete 14th Gen Core series lineup before the official market release. This week, the company released its 125W Core K-series of unlocked Raptor Lake Refresh series. However, the SKUs with lower TDP and locked overclocking capabilities are expected to be available next year.

Previously, Intel had published a list of these CPUs on its PCN website, but it only included SKU names and product codes without additional details. Thankfully, Gigabyte and NZXT have come forward to provide the same list of CPUs along with their base frequencies and cache sizes. Hardware detective @momomo_us brought this information to light.

The specifications listed by both sources are mostly consistent, confirming the base clock, cache size, TDP, and silicon revisions. It seems that the Core i5-14400 will indeed be launched with C0 and B0 dies, although one of the lists only displays C0. For other models, the majority will utilize the B0 die, with the 14500/14400 and lower-range CPUs featuring C0 silicon as well. There are some minor differences between the two lists, such as the Core i5-14500T being listed with B0 in one and C0 in the other.

However, Intel has not officially confirmed the existence of its 6.2 GHz processor, the Core i9-14900KS, as it is missing from both Intel’s and any motherboard manufacturer’s listings. These special edition processors typically follow Intel’s historical launch pattern and are expected to be released in late Q1.

In total, the complete 14th Generation Core processor lineup consists of 24 different models, including six K-series models. The non-K models are popular choices among budget gamers, system integrators, and individuals who aren’t interested in overclocking. Additionally, there are 35W models known as Core-T, commonly found in Mini-PCs, All-in-One (AIO) systems, and embedded systems.

This confirmation of specifications provides a clearer picture of what to expect from Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen Core processors.

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