Creative Live! Introduces 4K: Simplifying Virtual Meetings with Technology

October 22, 2023

Creative Labs's Creative Live! Meet 4K is a conference webcam with 4K UHD resolution, a wide-angle field of view, adjustable digital zoom, and AI tracking and framing technology, perfect for virtual meetings, online classrooms, and creative endeavors.

  • 4K UHD resolution and Sony STARVIS IMX415 CMOS Imaging Sensor for exceptional clarity
  • Wide-angle field of view of up to 115°
  • Built-in AI tracking and framing technology

Creative Labs has announced the release of the Creative Live! Meet 4K, a conference webcam that offers a range of impressive features for virtual conferencing. With a wide-angle field of view, adjustable digital zoom, 4K UHD resolution, and a Sony STARVIS IMX415 CMOS imaging sensor, this webcam is perfect for virtual meetings, online classrooms, and creative endeavors.

The Creative Live! Meet 4K delivers exceptional clarity with its 4K UHD resolution and Sony STARVIS IMX415 CMOS Imaging Sensor. It brings virtual interactions to life with vivid details, vibrant colors, and outstanding clarity. The webcam also offers a wide-angle field of view of up to 115°, making it ideal for accommodating multiple participants or capturing visual content like whiteboard presentations. Additionally, it features a 7X digital zoom capability for focusing on important details without sacrificing image quality.

But it’s not just about visuals – the Creative Live! Meet 4K also excels in audio capture. It comes with four pairs of ultra-sensitive omni-directional microphones, ensuring comprehensive audio capture from all directions. The webcam’s automated microphone gain accurately picks up sound sources even from a distance, ensuring that every participant’s voice is heard clearly. It also incorporates 40 mm Neodymium magnet speaker drivers for enhanced audio clarity and depth.

The Creative Live! Meet 4K stands out with its built-in AI tracking and framing technology. This feature automatically tracks the subject’s face using AI facial recognition, keeping them centered within the frame even if they move around. Users can also trigger specific actions by using hand gestures in front of the webcam. Additionally, the webcam comes with a remote control and mic mute button for convenient adjustments during conversations.

Setting up the Creative Live! Meet 4K is simple as it requires no additional driver installation and is compatible with Windows and macOS platforms. Users can also access a suite of smart communication features, such as VoiceDetect and NoiseClean-Out, through the SmartComms Kit available on the Creative App.

The Creative Live! Meet 4K is priced at S$439 and can be purchased on For more information, visit


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UHD: Ultra High Definition (UHD) is a technology that revolutionizes the quality of digital display with resolutions much higher than standard HD. UHD offers sharper images and higher resolutions in order to provide the user with better clarity and detail. UHD is widely used in gaming, media streaming, and HDTVs, as it offers superior viewing experience. In the computer industry, UHD is used to create high-end visuals for gaming, video conferencing, and streaming of 4K content. UHD also enables users to extend their desktop workspace and multitask better with multiple screens. With UHD, computer users can also enjoy an improved multimedia experience that provides more depth and vivid colors. UHD gives users more options for connecting their monitors and TV displays to their computers for enhanced gaming and streaming experience.

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