Cracked GeForce RTX 3080 Vapor Chamber Uncovers Mysterious Blue Substance

October 16, 2023 by our News Team

NVIDIA's RTX 3080 and RTX A6000 graphics cards have been reported to have an unusual problem involving the vapor chamber, with certain GPUs showing signs of cracking due to a chemical reaction causing a breach in the chamber.

  • Replacing the thermal paste can help reduce temperatures
  • Isolated cases of vapor chamber cracking are relatively rare
  • Thermal pads should be replaced when coolers are disassembled

nVidia’s RTX 3080 and RTX A6000 Graphics Cards have been hit with an unusual problem, according to South Korean media reports. The issue revolves around the vapor chamber, with certain GPUs showing signs of cracking. The problem was initially brought to light by a member, likely a technician, who was investigating the abnormally high temperatures experienced by these cards.

It’s worth noting that these graphics cards had not been tampered with or subjected to any modifications prior to the discovery. However, it was quickly determined that there was indeed a breach in the vapor chamber. This breach was caused by a chemical reaction that gradually created a hole within the chamber, allowing fluid to leak out and oxygen to seep in.

Upon opening the chamber, a blue substance can be observed. This substance is believed to be copper sulfate or oxide, which forms as a result of copper reacting with water and oxygen under humid conditions. Although the process is slow, it eventually leads to the formation of a blue-green substance.

A similar issue has also been reported with the RTX A6000 graphics card, which exhibited high hotspot temperatures. However, investigations have shown that vapor chamber cracking problems are relatively rare, and the formation of copper sulfate is a gradual process that may take a significant amount of time.

For users whose graphics cards are experiencing higher temperatures and are no longer covered by warranty, it is recommended to consider replacing the thermal paste at some point. Additionally, they should be prepared to replace thermal pads, as these can tear when Coolers are disassembled. While isolated cases like these have been observed, it’s important to note that such occurrences remain relatively uncommon for now.

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