ASL introduces Game-Changing GeForce RTX 4060, Equipped with Innovative Spirit Level

October 21, 2023 by our News Team

ASL has launched its RTX 4060 graphics card with a built-in spirit level, offering an affordable option for those interested in this unique feature.

  • ASL's RTX 4060 is one of the most affordable options available for a graphics card with a built-in spirit level.
  • The card has a sleek dual-fan design and a metal shroud.
  • The spirit level serves no practical purpose, but presents an interesting twist in the world of graphics cards.

ASL, a Chinese company, has launched its latest graphics card, the RTX 4060, which comes with a built-in spirit level. While the concept of incorporating spirit levels into Graphics Cards has been explored by various companies in the past, ASL’s implementation stands out as one of the most affordable options available. However, it’s important to note that the practical utility of this feature remains limited.

Last year, Manli introduced the pioneering RTX 4090 card, which also featured a spirit level. However, it had a bulky three-and-a-half slot design with a lengthy cooler. The inclusion of a spirit level in that case was justified due to concerns about sagging under the card’s weight. In contrast, the ASL RTX 4060 boasts a simpler dual-fan design and a sleek silver color. The shroud of the card appears to be made of metal, potentially adding some weight, although ASL has not provided specific data to confirm this.

It’s worth noting that ASL exclusively distributes its graphics cards within China, making it unlikely for the RTX 4060 to be available on the international market. Additionally, this unique design with an integrated spirit level is unlike any other card in ASL’s product lineup. However, it’s important to mention that the spirit level itself serves no practical purpose as it is positioned on the top shroud, typically not visible to users.

Overall, ASL’s RTX 4060 with a built-in spirit level offers an interesting twist in the world of graphics cards. While its practical usefulness may be limited, it presents an affordable option for those intrigued by this unique feature.

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