Bang & Olufsen introduces Beolab 8 Wireless Speakers, Starting at $2,749

September 8, 2023 by our News Team

Bang & Olufsen has launched the Beolab 8, a versatile and immersive audio experience for music and home cinema enthusiasts, featuring advanced technologies, scalability, and craftsmanship.

  • Compact design with excellent craftsmanship
  • Three-driver setup for optimal sound reproduction
  • Advanced technologies for an immersive listening experience

Bang & Olufsen has launched its latest speaker, the Beolab 8, offering a versatile and immersive audio experience for music and home cinema enthusiasts. The Beolab 8 can be used as a system speaker to create a surround sound setup using Bang & Olufsen’s high-end speakers or even their heritage speakers dating back to 1984. Alternatively, users can stereo pair two Beolab 8 speakers for a powerful and precise stereo sound.

Michael Henriksson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Bang & Olufsen, emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating powerful and immersive listening experiences. He describes the Beolab 8 as a scalable speaker that prioritizes flexibility, performance, and innovation. The goal was to distill the acoustic essence of Bang & Olufsen’s impressive Beolab range into a compact offering that maintains optimal sound reproduction in any environment.

Craftsmanship is a key focus of the Beolab 8 design. The one-piece aluminum body showcases excellence in craftsmanship, with a fusion of a sphere and cylinder merged into a solid shape. The speaker is available with either Danish manufactured wooden lamellas or a fabric front, following the characteristic design of Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab and Beosound products. The interplay of light and shadow between the outer aluminum shell and inner core creates a visually lightweight appearance.

The speaker’s shape not only enhances aesthetics but also improves acoustics. Following Scandinavian design principles, where form follows function, the Beolab 8 is designed to be both an aesthetic object and a high-performing speaker. The glass interface on top of the speaker provides a seamless and effortless user experience.

Bang & Olufsen’s expertise in aluminum manufacturing is evident in the four stand options for the Beolab 8. The slender and sculptural stands include a table stand designed to create a floating illusion, as well as discreet ceiling and floor stands that are polished to perfection.

When it comes to sound quality, the Beolab 8 doesn’t disappoint. Tuned by Bang & Olufsen tonmeisters, the speaker features a three-driver setup consisting of a 16 mm tweeter, 3″ midrange, and a 5.25″ woofer. These drivers were carefully selected to maintain the same performance and sound quality as the iconic Beolab 17 speaker.

The Beolab 8 incorporates advanced technologies to enhance the listening experience. The beam width control allows users to switch between narrow and wide sound dispersion, optimizing the sweet spot for the listener. The speaker’s Room Compensation feature provides an optimized soundscape based on the room’s unique acoustics, ensuring crystal clear quality regardless of the room size or space.

Adaptive sound tuning allows the Beolab 8 to fine-tune its performance based on its configuration. Sensors detect the front cover and adjust the sound accordingly. Additionally, ultra-wideband technology enables the speaker to direct the acoustic sweet spot based on a user’s phone location via the Bang & Olufsen app, providing a dynamic sweet spot experience.

Connectivity is seamless with Bang & Olufsen’s Mozart platform at the heart of the Beolab 8. The speaker can easily connect through WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. It also features Powerlink, allowing it to connect to Bang & Olufsen TVs and sound systems dating back more than 30 years.

Bang & Olufsen has designed the Beolab 8 to stand the test of time. The use of quality materials ensures graceful aging, while continuous customization options and easy upgradability allow for future adaptability. The speaker is designed with Cradle-to-Cradle principles in mind, aiming for a circular future. It is pending certification.

The Beolab 8 is available in various customizable colorways, including Silver/Natural Aluminium, Gold Tone, and Black Anthracite. Users can also choose from speaker covers in oak, light oak, dark oak, or fabric. Prices start from 18,490 DKK / 2499 EUR / 2199 GBP / 2749 USD.

Bang & Olufsen introduces Beolab 8 Wireless Speakers, Starting at $2,749

Bang & Olufsen introduces Beolab 8 Wireless Speakers, Starting at $2,749

Bang & Olufsen introduces Beolab 8 Wireless Speakers, Starting at $2,749

Bang & Olufsen introduces Beolab 8 Wireless Speakers, Starting at $2,749

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About Bang & Olufsen: Bang & Olufsen is a Danish luxury consumer electronics company founded in 1925. They are for their high-end audio and video products, including televisions, speakers, headphones, and more. Bang & Olufsen is known for combining technology with exquisite design, providing an exceptional audio-visual experience.

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