LG introduces Massive 118-inch MAGNIT Home Cinema Display, Redefining Entertainment Experience

September 13, 2023 by our News Team

LG's new MAGNIT Micro LED display offers an immersive home entertainment experience with its expansive 118-inch, 4K resolution screen, LG's Micro LED technology, AI-powered α (Alpha) 9 Intelligent Processor, webOS smart TV platform, and premium audio solutions from Bang & Olufsen.

  • Vivid colors, outstanding contrast, and excellent image reproduction
  • AI-powered α (Alpha) 9 Intelligent Processor for optimized picture quality
  • Easy streaming capabilities with webOS smart TV platform

LG Electronics has just launched its latest addition to the LG MAGNIT lineup of premium Micro LED displays. This new model, the LSAL006, promises to deliver an immersive home entertainment experience with its expansive 118-inch, 4K resolution screen and LG’s Micro LED technology. With a pixel pitch of just 0.68 millimeters, this display is truly a sight to behold.

Designed to fit seamlessly into super-luxury residences, the LG MAGNIT offers a user-friendly experience with its webOS platform, a wide range of content services, and easy streaming capabilities. But what truly sets this display apart is its picture quality. Thanks to the brilliance of Micro LED technology, viewers can expect vivid colors, outstanding contrast, and excellent image reproduction. LG’s Surface Treatment technology further enhances the visual experience.

Powering the LG MAGNIT is LG’s AI-powered α (Alpha) 9 Intelligent Processor. This processor utilizes advanced deep-learning algorithms and a vast visual database to optimize picture quality for different types of content, including movies, sports, and games. It can intelligently analyze and adjust image quality based on what the user is watching. Additionally, the display features automatic genre-based picture optimization, AI brightness control, and functions that enhance facial detail and upscale on-screen text.

The LG MAGNIT also comes equipped with LG’s webOS smart TV platform, providing easy navigation and access to popular streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube. With two 50W, 4.2 channel speakers and enhanced audio return channel (eARC) support, users can enjoy bold, cinematic sound that brings their favorite content to life.

Connectivity is seamless with support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Miracast, allowing users to mirror their mobile screens from both iOS and Android devices. The display also offers four HDMI 2.1 ports for easy connection to compatible devices, built-in Bluetooth, and is WiSA Ready for wireless spatial sound. Installation options include wall-mounting or using the stand-type option.

LG prioritizes user safety with the LG MAGNIT, which has successfully completed flame-spread tests and holds a BS476 Part 7 Class 1 rating for exceptional fire resistance. The display also adheres to international certification standards aimed at reducing visual fatigue and emitting low levels of blue light.

At the recent CEDIA Expo 2023, LG showcased the LG MAGNIT alongside premium home audio solutions from Bang & Olufsen. This collaboration brings customers an extraordinary home cinema experience that takes full advantage of the display’s capabilities.

Paik Ki-mun, Senior Vice President and Head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, expressed excitement about the new LG MAGNIT, stating that it introduces state-of-the-art Micro LED display technology to private homes. LG plans to expand its lineup of Micro LED products for home use, further solidifying its position in the premium display market.

The new LG MAGNIT is now available in the U.S. and will be rolled out to markets worldwide starting this month. To learn more about this product, visit LG’s official website at LG.com.

LG introduces Massive 118-inch MAGNIT Home Cinema Display, Redefining Entertainment Experience

LG introduces Massive 118-inch MAGNIT Home Cinema Display, Redefining Entertainment Experience

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