LMG in Crisis: Allegations of Misconduct and Harassment Shake YouTube Empire

August 17, 2023 by our News Team

Linus Media Group, led by Linus Sebastian, has been engulfed in a crisis of misconduct, ethical lapses, and sexual harassment allegations, prompting the company to enact a production pause and hire an independent investigator to probe the claims.

  • Linus Media Group has enacted a temporary production pause to revamp its review procedures.
  • An independent investigator will be engaged to probe the harassment claims.
  • CEO Terren Tong has pledged to launch an internal review and hire an external investigator to examine the claims.

Linus Media Group (LMG), the important YouTube entity led by Linus Sebastian, finds itself engulfed in a crisis characterized by accusations of misconduct, ethical lapses, and most recently, allegations of sexual harassment. In response, the company has enacted a temporary production pause to revamp its review procedures. CEO Terren Tong has confirmed that an independent investigator will be engaged to probe the harassment claims.

A video titled “What do we do now?” was uploaded this morning by Linus Media Group CFO Yvonne Ho, revealing the channel’s decision to halt production for a week. This hiatus aims to address concerns spotlighted by the YouTube channel Gamers Nexus, who brought up errors in videos and ethical concerns. Ho expressed solidarity with the community and promptly suspended all YouTube video production.

The controversy originated earlier this week when Gamers Nexus posted a video highlighting factual inaccuracies and ethical questions in recent Linus Tech Tips videos. Steve Burke">Steve Burke, host of Gamers Nexus, voiced alarm over perceived corporate connections, financial flows, and possible biases within Linus Tech Tips content.

Of particular concern was the case of a GPU cooling block produced by Billet Labs. Allegedly, Linus Tech Tips evaluated a copper cooling block from Billet Labs on the incorrect GPU and subsequently auctioned it without proper authorization during a fan event.

In response to Gamers Nexus’ video, Linus Sebastian engaged with concerned fans through the Linus Tech Tips forum, acknowledging the imperfections and committing to improvement. He explained that the cooling block incident resulted from miscommunication and was unintentional, asserting the company’s dedication to resolving the issue with Billet Labs.

Tensions escalated when Gamers Nexus released a Video as a rejoinder to Sebastian’s forum comments. The segment, labeled “Linus Tech Tips response is disappointing nonsense,” criticized the response. Simultaneously, Linus Tech Tips fans expressed frustration and indignation on the forum and subreddit, with some calling for a public apology to Billet Labs.

We are baffled and disappointed by the hastily, angrily-written, and at times inaccurate statement posted.”Steve Burke – Gamers Nexus

In light of this, Linus Tech Tips released a video today, featuring Sebastian and other Linus Media Group staff outlining measures to address Gamers Nexus’ concerns. These steps include a one-week production pause to enhance documentation and testing procedures. Sebastian admitted responsibility for the company’s errors and acknowledged the community’s valid critiques.

Former employee Madison Reeve took to the platform formerly known as Twitter, now X, to accuse Linus Media Group of fostering a toxic work environment. Reeve’s thread cited instances of mental health deterioration due to disparaging comments about her work and experiences of sexual harassment by Linus Media Group personnel.

Reeve accused the company of sidelining her from videos after she reported instances of being physically grabbed at the office and enduring offensive remarks. Sebastian, reached for comment, expressed shock at the allegations, claiming they do not align with his recollections, internal processes, or company values. He emphasized the company’s commitment to a safe and inclusive environment and announced proactive steps to address bullying or harassment.

CEO Terren Tong, via email, echoed the sentiment, expressing shock at the allegations and vowing to launch an internal review and hire an external investigator to examine the claims. He pledged to publish findings and implement corrective actions as necessary.

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