LG Introduces LG Smart Cottage at IFA 2023, Encouraging a Sustainable Lifestyle

August 16, 2023 by our News Team

IFA Berlin

  • Compact and prefabricated design
  • Low-carbon steel materials for reduced environmental impact
  • High-efficiency LG kitchen, living, and air solutions

LG Electronics is introducing its latest innovation in housing solutions, the LG Smart Cottage. This compact, prefabricated home combines LG’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy solutions with their newest Smart Home appliances and services. The Smart Cottage is designed with sustainability in mind and features a two-story, studio-style layout that maximizes space efficiency. It can be easily transported and placed in any desired location.

Inside the Smart Cottage, you’ll find a premium and relaxed atmosphere thanks to LG’s thoughtful design and use of diverse materials. The home’s replaceable module components are made with low-carbon steel materials from POSCO, a South Korean steel company, to reduce environmental impact.

The Smart Cottage is equipped with innovative and high-efficiency LG kitchen, living, and air solutions. These include the WashTower Compact, QuadWash dishwasher, various built-in kitchen appliances, a water purifier, and the Therma V Monobloc air-to-water heat pump. These appliances not only provide year-round indoor comfort but also use less power than conventional systems.

On the exterior, the Smart Cottage is equipped with sustainability-focused LG technologies to meet the daily energy needs of up to two occupants. Roof-mounted solar panels generate up to 15 kilowatts of electricity per day, which can be stored in the Energy Storage System (ESS) for later use or sold to the electricity provider. The Smart Cottage also has an electric vehicle charger built-in.

For a smart and convenient user experience, all appliances inside the Smart Cottage connect seamlessly with LG ThinQ. Users can control each appliance, manage the HVAC system, and monitor energy storage and consumption in real-time through the ThinQ app. The Smart Cottage also features IoT accessories for enhanced security, including cameras, motion sensors, and smart doorbells.

To bring the Smart Cottage to life, LG partnered with GS Engineering & Construction Corp (GS E&C), a South Korean construction and civil engineering service provider.

The LG Smart Cottage will be showcased at IFA 2023 from September 1-5. Visitors to LG’s booth can explore the Smart Cottage and other innovative products aimed at improving daily life.

LG aims to redefine residential living by seamlessly integrating energy solutions, appliances, and services into a space that allows people to live life their way. With the LG Smart Cottage, they are offering a sustainable and convenient housing solution for a better life.

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