First images Lenovo Legion Go Handheld Console

August 17, 2023 by our News Team

which reveals the first images of what appears to be the Lenovo Legion Go, a portable gaming device that looks to set a new standard in the world of gaming with its detachable joy-cons, 8-inch screen, AMD Phoenix processors, and Windows 11 operating system.

  • The device will operate on Windows 11, implying that it could potentially function as a full replacement for your gaming PC.
  • It incorporates a thoughtfully curated design that amalgamates the finest aspects of its rivals.
  • It has sizable air vents on the back, accompanied by a stand that's bound to come in handy when you wish to pair an additional controller.

Lenovo-legion-go-first-look/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Windows Report shows first images of what appears to be the Lenovo Legion Go. This on-the-go gaming gadget seems poised to set a new standard in the world of portable gaming, and we’re here to tell you that this is not just another baseless rumor—our sources have provided us with exclusive images that showcase the device’s striking design.

The concept of handheld gaming has stirred up debates over time, as it aims to bridge a significant gap between gaming PCs/consoles and mobile phones (or even retro handhelds, if that’s more your style). This challenge is particularly formidable, especially in the current era dominated by the rise of game streaming.

Presently, there are three important contenders in this field: Valve’s Steam Deck">Steam Deck, ASUSROG Ally, and AYANEO’s high-end consoles. These contenders target the same market and share similarities, albeit with certain drawbacks that aren’t easily brushed aside. Enter Lenovo’s Legion Go, which appears to tackle some of these challenges head-on, at least based on our current understanding.

A front view of the Lenovo Legion Go reveals a device that may not appear drastically separate from its competitors. However, what sets it apart—according to our observations—is its echoes of a major player in this domain, the Nintendo Switch.

Why is this similarity noteworthy? Because it incorporates a thoughtfully curated design that amalgamates the finest aspects of its rivals: commencing with detachable joy-cons (or whatever name Lenovo chooses for them), followed by button placement akin to ROG Ally, and an allegedly roomier 8-inch screen, culminating in a trackpad reminiscent of the Steam Deck.

But hold on, there’s even more to savor! The device will operate on Windows 11, implying that it could potentially function as a full replacement for your gaming PC. Picture playing your high-caliber AAA titles wherever you go. Couple this with the rumored utilization of AMD’s Phoenix processors as its core, and you’re in for a comprehensive gaming experience right at your fingertips, whenever the mood strikes.

A further indicator of the Legion Go’s expertise lies in its sizable air vents on the back, accompanied by a stand that’s bound to come in handy when you wish to pair an additional controller. While we can’t offer insights into noise levels just yet, rest assured that we’ll put it through rigorous testing once it’s available—so keep an eye out for our updates!

Switching to the back view of the Lenovo Legion Go, the shoulder buttons and side triggers shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with this type of device. The rear triggers are a welcome enhancement, while a particularly intriguing feature concealed on the back of the right joy-con is a wheel. Additionally, there are two USB-C ports (one at the top and one at the bottom), a power button, a headphone jack, volume adjustment buttons, and a micro-SD slot!

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