Introducing RS822+/RS822RP+: Synology’s Versatile All-in-One Storage Solution

June 28, 2022 by our News Team

Synology's RS822(RP)+ is a 1U rackmount server designed to be an ideal data management and backup solution for smaller deployments, edge storage usage, or branch offices, offering reliable file management, video surveillance capabilities, and comprehensive data protection features.

  • Compact yet reliable platform capable of handling any business storage or backup tasks
  • Seamless collaboration among remote teams and offices with Synology Drive
  • Flexible support for over 8,300 validated IP cameras with Surveillance Station

Synology, a leading provider of data management solutions, has recently announced the addition of the RackStation RS822+ and RS822RP+ to its versatile and cost-effective Plus series systems. These 1U rackmount servers are designed to be an ideal data management and backup solution for smaller deployments, edge storage usage, or branch offices.

The RS822(RP)+ is the latest addition to Synology’s RackStation series, known for its excellent all-around performance in data management systems. Starting at 4-bays, this compact yet reliable platform is capable of handling any business storage or backup tasks.

One of the standout features of the RS822(RP)+ is its suite of reliable file management, sharing, and synchronization solutions. With Synology Drive, users can easily access and manage files across different platforms, enabling seamless collaboration among remote teams and offices. The C2 Storage service further enhances productivity by allowing multiple sites to stay in sync using less bandwidth through Hybrid Share. This feature reduces the storage footprint required by caching frequently accessed data locally on the RS822(RP)+ and other connected Synology systems.

In addition to its data management capabilities, the RS822(RP)+ also functions as a fully-fledged video management system. Synology’s Surveillance Station, a powerful VMS trusted by over 500,000 sites, offers flexible support for over 8,300 validated IP cameras. With its modern and customizable interface, Surveillance Station makes it easy to set up and manage up to 40 cameras on the RS822(RP)+. For larger environments, users can add floor plans and overlay Google or OpenStreetMap for maximum situational awareness.

Data protection is a top priority for businesses, and the RS822(RP)+ offers comprehensive built-in protection features. It supports backup of Windows PC/Servers, VMware and Hyper-V VMs, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace SaaS, and more. Local snapshots ensure the protection of files and LUNs against accidents and threats like ransomware, while minimizing storage use and recovery time objectives. The RS822(RP)+ also includes system and file backup capabilities for secure backup onto other Synology systems or a cloud storage service.

The RS822(RP)+ is backed by Synology’s three-year hardware warranty, with an optional two-year extended warranty available in select regions. It is now available at Synology resellers and partners.

For businesses looking for a versatile and cost-effective data management and backup solution, the RS822(RP)+ from Synology is definitely worth considering. With its reliable file management, video surveillance capabilities, and comprehensive data protection features, it offers a complete package to meet the needs of modern businesses.

To learn more about the RS822(RP)+ and its features, visit Synology’s website at [link removed].

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