Introducing Synology RS2423+/RS2423RP+: A Versatile Storage Solution for SMBs

February 28, 2023

Synology's new RS2423RP+ is a 2U 12-bay server designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, offering impressive performance, flexibility, and reliability with up to 216TB of storage capacity, 10GbE connectivity, and comprehensive data protection and surveillance solutions.

  • Sequential read/write speeds of over 3,500/1,700 MB/s
  • Supports up to 216TB of total storage capacity with its 12 bays
  • Versatility with SATA SSDs to create flash array volumes or designate them as read/write cache

Synology, a leading provider of data management and backup solutions, has recently introduced two new additions to its Plus series systems. The RackStation RS2423+ and RS2423RP+ are 2U 12-bay servers designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as branch offices.

These new servers offer impressive performance and flexibility, making them the perfect on-prem storage solution for growing businesses. With sequential read/write speeds of over 3,500/1,700 MB/s, the RS2423RP+ delivers a significant performance increase compared to its predecessor. It also features built-in 10GbE connectivity and support for additional 10/25GbE networking, providing businesses with fast and reliable data transfer speeds.

In terms of storage capacity, the RS2423RP+ supports up to 216TB of total storage capacity with its 12 bays. For businesses that require even more storage, the server can be expanded to 24 bays with the addition of a RX1223RP Expansion Unit, allowing for up to 432TB of storage.

One of the standout features of the RS2423RP+ is its versatility. Businesses can use SATA SSDs to create flash array volumes or designate them as read/write cache to accelerate HDD volumes. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with low Latency or high random I/O performance demands.

Reliability is also a key focus of the RS2423RP+. It features two gigabit Ethernet ports that can be bonded with Link Aggregation for automatic network failover and load balancing. Additionally, two RS2423RP+ units can be paired using Synology High Availability to create a reliable active/passive server cluster, ensuring maximum service uptime. The RS2423RP+ also comes with a redundant power supply for added service continuity.

The RS2423RP+ includes a suite of reliable file management, sharing, and synchronization solutions. Synology Drive enables easy cross-platform access to file management and sharing tools, allowing businesses to connect and sync data between multiple devices. This ensures that remote teams and offices are always updated with the latest files.

For businesses with greater syncing requirements, the RS2423RP+ offers the option to leverage the power of the cloud. Hybrid Share keeps multiple sites in sync using less bandwidth, as files only need to be uploaded once to C2 servers. Frequently accessed data is cached locally, providing immediate and fast access while streaming other files as needed. This helps reduce the storage footprint required and allows for flexible on-demand cloud storage.

In addition to its impressive storage capabilities, the RS2423RP+ also serves as a comprehensive video surveillance solution. With support for over 8,300 validated and ONVIF-certified IP cameras, businesses can connect up to 50 cameras to each server. Larger deployments can be created by linking multiple Synology servers using the central management system built into Surveillance Station. Surveillance Station offers a range of powerful monitoring, management, and analysis tools accessible from PCs and mobile devices, making it a trusted surveillance solution deployed at over 500,000 locations globally every day.

Data protection is a top priority for businesses, and the RS2423RP+ offers comprehensive backup capabilities. It supports backup of Windows PC/Servers, VMware and Hyper-V VMs, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace SaaS, and more. With snapshots that protect files and LUNs against accidental deletion and threats like ransomware, businesses can ensure data integrity and achieve near-instantaneous recovery of data. The RS2423RP+ also includes system and file backup capabilities for secure backup onto other Synology systems or a cloud storage service.

The RS2423RP+ is backed by Synology’s three-year hardware warranty, with an optional two-year extended warranty available in select regions. It is now available at Synology resellers and partners.

For more information about the RS2423RP+ and its features, visit Synology’s website.

Note: The performance figures mentioned in this article are obtained through internal testing by Synology and may vary depending on the testing environment, usage, and configuration.

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HDD: A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a classic data storage device that utilizes spinning disks, or platters, coated with a magnetic material to store and retrieve data. An actuator arm with read/write heads accesses data by moving over the spinning platters. HDDs offer large storage capacities at a comparatively lower cost per gigabyte, making them suitable for applications where massive data storage is required, such as servers and desktop computers. However, HDDs are slower in terms of read and write speeds compared to SSDs due to the mechanical nature of their operation. They are more susceptible to physical shocks and are less energy-efficient due to the need to constantly spin the platters.

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