Lenovo Tab Plus: The Ultimate Music Lover’s Dream Tablet, Complete with Eight Speakers

June 20, 2024 by our News Team

The Lenovo Tab Plus is a powerful and versatile tablet that offers premium sound, a stunning display, and a range of features for a seamless entertainment experience, making it the perfect device for work, study, and play.

  • The Eight JBL speakers with Hi-fi matrix structure and Dolby Atmos tuning provide an immersive and high-quality audio experience.
  • The 2K display and adjustable stand make it perfect for both work and entertainment purposes.
  • The tablet offers a long battery life, fast charging capabilities, and powerful performance with its MediaTek Helio G99 processor.

Lenovo has just launched its latest offering for music lovers and entertainment enthusiasts: the Lenovo Tab Plus. This sleek and powerful tablet is designed to deliver an exceptional sonar experience, thanks to its Eight JBL speakers with Hi-fi matrix structure, all tuned by Dolby Atmos. But that’s not all – the Tab Plus also boasts a stunning 2K display and an adjustable stand for optimal viewing angles. It’s the perfect device for those who want to seamlessly transition between work, study, and play.

Tony Chen, the Vice President of Tablets at Lenovo, explains the company’s vision for the evolving tablet market: “Tablets have become more than just portable devices. They now offer a perfect balance of mobility and performance, catering to the diverse needs of consumers. With the Lenovo Tab Plus, we’re bringing a well-rounded tablet that delivers premium sound for an immersive entertainment experience.”

Let’s dive deeper into what sets the Lenovo Tab Plus apart from the competition. One of its standout features is its powerful audio system, which includes Eight JBL Hi-fi speakers. These speakers consist of four matrix tweeters and four force-balanced woofers, all housed in 4 speaker boxes totaling 22 cc. The result? Crisp stereo sound with deeper bass and clearer treble, bringing any room to life. And with Dolby Atmos tuning and support for high-res audio, you can enjoy your favorite music in stunning detail.

But the Tab Plus doesn’t stop there – it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone or other portable devices. Plus, with its integrated kickstand, you can enjoy your music or movies from any angle. And for those who like to fine-tune their audio settings, the personalized app volume control lets you customize the sound experience to your liking. It automatically adjusts the volume based on the app you’re using, ensuring that your music always sounds its best.

Of course, the Lenovo Tab Plus is more than just an audio powerhouse. It offers a complete entertainment experience with its 11.5-inch 2K display. This TUV-certified screen boasts a 90 Hz Refresh Rate, providing vibrant images and smooth graphics. And for those concerned about eye comfort, the screen undergoes rigorous testing to ensure low-blue light and flicker-free performance.

When it comes to battery life, the Lenovo Tab Plus doesn’t disappoint. Its 8600 mAh battery can stream content for up to 12 hours, and with fast charging capabilities, you can reach full power in just 90 minutes. So whether you’re binge-watching your favorite TV show or enjoying a movie marathon, the Tab Plus has got you covered.

Under the hood, the Tab Plus is powered by a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, ensuring smooth performance for all your multitasking needs. It also offers ample storage with up to 256 GB of built-in storage, and you can expand it further with a MicroSD card (sold separately). And for added convenience, the tablet is IP52 water and dust resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills or dust particles.

But the Lenovo Tab Plus isn’t just about entertainment – it also offers features that enhance your reading experience. With its built-in Immersive Reading Mode, the tablet softens the screen to simulate the color matrix of a book’s pages, creating a more comfortable reading experience. And when you’re not using the tablet, it can transform into a digital photo frame or clock via Standby Mode, automatically activated when the tablet is not in use and charging in landscape mode with the kickstand.

Lenovo understands the importance of privacy and security, which is why they’ve included a privacy dashboard that allows users to manage permissions. Additionally, the Tab Plus will receive upgrades for 2 years and security patches for 4 years, ensuring that your device stays up to date and protected. And for those who want extra peace of mind, the tablet is compatible with Lenovo Premium Care for personalized technical support and Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection One for protection against accidental drops or spills.

The Lenovo Tab Plus is also compatible with a range of accessories, including the Lenovo Tab Pen Plus, the Lenovo 68 W USB-C Wall Charger, and the Lenovo Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. And for those who want to keep their tablet safe and stylish, there’s a protective sleeve made with Dupont Tyvek material and PU leather.

The Lenovo Tab Plus is now available in select global markets, with prices starting at €279 (including VAT) and $289.99. So if you’re looking for a tablet that delivers exceptional sound, stunning visuals, and a seamless entertainment experience, the Lenovo Tab Plus is definitely worth considering.

Lenovo Tab Plus: The Ultimate Music Lover’s Dream Tablet, Complete with Eight Speakers

Lenovo Tab Plus: The Ultimate Music Lover’s Dream Tablet, Complete with Eight Speakers

Lenovo Tab Plus: The Ultimate Music Lover’s Dream Tablet, Complete with Eight Speakers

Lenovo Tab Plus: The Ultimate Music Lover’s Dream Tablet, Complete with Eight Speakers

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