Simply NUC Introduces BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers, a Game-Changer in Compact Computing

May 24, 2024 by our News Team

Simply NUC has launched their latest and most advanced product line, the BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers, which revolutionize edge computing technology by offering server-like manageability, AI inference at the edge, and customizable options for various industries.

  • Revolutionary edge computing technology
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Integration of AI inference at the edge

Simply NUC, a important player in the PC solutions market, has just launched its latest and most ambitious product line to date: BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers. This launch represents a significant advancement in edge computing technology, promising to transform how businesses handle and process data in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Traditional servers have long been plagued by issues such as bulkiness, high costs, and inefficiency when it comes to edge computing applications. However, the extremeEDGE Servers are set to revolutionize this space. Equipped with NANO-BMC technology, this product family offers server-like manageability within ultra-efficient compute nodes, resulting in improved energy efficiency by tailoring hardware to specific workloads.

One of the key highlights of the extremeEDGE Servers is their integration of AI inference at the edge. This enables machine learning to take place directly at the source, significantly reducing costs, machine power consumption, network Latency, and bandwidth usage when compared to cloud-based solutions. This breakthrough development opens up new possibilities for businesses seeking to harness the power of edge computing.

Jonny Smith, the CEO of Simply NUC, expressed his excitement about this momentous milestone, stating, “Today marks a monumental milestone for Simply NUC as we launch our BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers. This is not just a product launch; it’s a testament to our commitment to revolutionize the edge computing industry. Our aim is to empower businesses with an affordable, compact, and accessible solution that allows them to fully leverage the potential of edge computing.”

The extremeEDGE lineup comprises three series, each tailored to meet specific industry needs:

1. extremeEDGE 1000 Series: Designed for a wide range of edge applications, including IoT gateways and military deployments. This series features Intel N5105 and N100 processors with up to 32 GB memory, providing unparalleled versatility and efficiency in demanding environments.

2. extremeEDGE 2000 Series: Powered by octa-core AMD Ryzen Embedded processors and offering up to 96 GB memory, this series excels in AI applications, industrial automation, and retail deployments.

3. extremeEDGE 3000 Series: This series redefines the possibilities of edge computing with its AMD V3C18I, 7840U, and Pro 8840U processors, up to 96 GB memory, and a whopping 26 TB capacity. It is specifically designed for mission-critical deployments in harsh environments.

With an initial offering of eight models and various customization options, Simply NUC ensures that customers can select the extremeEDGE Servers that perfectly align with their specific requirements. This level of flexibility guarantees optimal performance and efficiency in every deployment scenario.

In conclusion, Simply NUC’s BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers have arrived on the scene with a promise to reshape the edge computing landscape. By addressing the limitations of traditional servers and integrating AI inference at the edge, these servers offer businesses an affordable, compact, and accessible solution to unlock the full potential of edge computing. With different series tailored to specific industry needs, Simply NUC empowers customers to choose the perfect extremeEDGE Server for their unique requirements.

Simply NUC Introduces BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers, a Game-Changer in Compact Computing

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