Sennheiser introduces HD 620S Closed Headphones, Elevating Audio Experience

May 9, 2024 by our News Team

Sennheiser introduces the HD 620S, a closed-back headphone with a custom-tuned transducer and durable design, offering audiophiles a captivating listening experience without compromising on quality.

1. Custom-tuned 42 mm dynamic transducer for smooth and effortless sound signature 2. Iconic chassis for long-term wearing comfort and premium feel 3. Immersive soundstage and impressive impulse response for superior performance in any situation

Sennheiser, the audio brand, has just introduced their latest addition to the highly regarded HD 600 series. The HD 620S is a closed headphone option that offers audiophiles a captivating listening experience without compromising on quality. Jermo Koehnke, the Audiophile Product Manager at Sennheiser, expressed that the demand for a headphone that combines the best features of the 600 series with isolation from external distractions has been high. The HD 620S not only meets this demand but also provides an immersive soundstage and impressive impulse response, making it an exceptional choice for any situation where superior performance is essential.

At the core of the HD 620S is a custom-tuned 42 mm dynamic transducer, manufactured at Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art transducer plant in Tullamore, Ireland. This transducer carries forward the smooth and effortless sound signature found in the open-back 600 family, while also offering a modern and airy sound profile that strikes a balance between transparency and deep, articulate bass. With a high damping factor and a 150-ohm aluminum voice coil, the HD 620S excels at reproducing fast transients and well-defined instrument tails, ensuring punchy dynamics across the entire frequency range. This is a boon for audiophiles and passionate gamers who crave intricate detail in their audio experience.

The HD 620S features an iconic chassis that is beloved by audiophiles, gamers, and streamers alike for its long-term wearing comfort. It exudes confidence and provides an instant sweet spot for listeners. The use of metal appointments not only adds a premium feel but also serves an acoustic purpose. The steel plate closing off the back volume acts as an efficient isolator, managing internal reflections that can compromise the purity of the audio signal. The angled baffle encourages the free movement of air, mimicking the behavior of open-back headphones while delivering the triangular imaging typically associated with a high-quality loudspeaker setup in a professionally tuned room. This immersive presentation places the listener at the center of the action, whether it’s a rare live concert recording or an intense online multiplayer gaming session.

While open headphones are favored by audio purists, closed headphones are essential for situations where isolation from the surrounding environment is crucial. Audiophiles often sacrifice the natural response and wide imaging of open headphones in order to minimize distractions or avoid disturbing others. However, the HD 620S breaks new ground in real-world performance by offering the desired soundstage without the fatiguing and boxy sound commonly associated with closed-back headphones.

Durability was a key consideration during the development of the HD 620S. The headphone features a metal-reinforced headband and earcup housings, ensuring longevity. Additionally, it comes with a storage pouch that keeps dust at bay and provides ample space for the detachable cable. The 1.8-meter (6-foot) cable terminates in a single-ended 3.5 mm stereo plug with an integrated locking screw for the included 6.3 mm adapter. For those seeking a balanced connection, an optional 4.4 mm cable will be available, allowing audiophiles to take advantage of the growing range of hi-fi devices that support this popular connector. The HD 620S also shares the twist-and-lock single-sided cable design found in other Sennheiser headphones, providing users with various aftermarket options, including different cable lengths and an in-line microphone.

The HD 620S is currently available for pre-order and will start shipping on June 6th, 2024. It can be purchased from select retailers and at an MSRP of $349.99 USD / $499.95 CAD.

Sennheiser introduces HD 620S Closed Headphones, Elevating Audio Experience

Sennheiser introduces HD 620S Closed Headphones, Elevating Audio Experience

Sennheiser introduces HD 620S Closed Headphones, Elevating Audio Experience

Sennheiser introduces HD 620S Closed Headphones, Elevating Audio Experience

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