Elgato introduces Revamped Facecam with Enhanced HDR for Immersive Video Experience

March 29, 2024 by our News Team

Elgato has released the Facecam MK.2, an upgraded webcam with HDR, a built-in privacy shutter, and pan-tilt-zoom effects, designed for creators and streamers.

  • The Facecam MK.2 offers improved image quality and low-light performance, ensuring that streamers and professionals look their best in any lighting conditions.
  • The sleek design of the Facecam MK.2 seamlessly fits into modern workspaces, with a lower profile for better eye contact during video calls and streaming sessions.
  • The webcam comes equipped with a built-in privacy shutter, providing users with peace of mind and convenience without the need for external lens caps or covers.

Elgato has just launched the Facecam MK.2, an upgraded version of its popular 1080p60 webcam designed specifically for creators. This new model not only retains all the features that users loved about the original Facecam, but also introduces exciting additions like HDR, a built-in privacy shutter, and pan-tilt-zoom effects. With improved image quality and enhanced low-light performance, the Facecam MK.2 ensures that streamers and professionals look their best, even in challenging lighting conditions.

One of the standout features of the Facecam MK.2 is its sleek design, which seamlessly fits into modern workspaces. The webcam now has a lower profile, allowing for better eye contact during video calls and streaming sessions. Elgato has also made the Facecam MK.2 available for online ordering starting today, with availability at other retailers coming soon. To complement the webcam, users can download Elgato’s tailored software, Camera Hub, free of charge from the company’s website.

Rolf Bartz, Elgato’s Principal Vision Architect, expressed his excitement about the Facecam MK.2, stating that it builds upon the success of its predecessor and offers improvements in almost every aspect. Bartz believes that the Facecam MK.2 provides an unparalleled combination of power, versatility, and affordability.

Thanks to the latest technology advancements, the Facecam MK.2 delivers superior detail and color accuracy compared to its predecessor. It also performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions, making it ideal for use in dark gaming rooms or late-night work sessions. The result is a professional and vibrant image that pushes the boundaries of Full HD video.

One of the most impressive features of the Facecam MK.2 is its ability to handle high-contrast lighting with ease, thanks to HDR technology. This ensures that colors and details appear true-to-life, even when faced with bright office Windows or LED-accented dark rooms. Additionally, the Facecam MK.2 captures HDR video in full HD at an impressive 60 frames per second, providing incredibly smooth and sharp video quality.

Privacy is also a top priority with the Facecam MK.2. The webcam is equipped with a built-in privacy shutter that can be easily activated with a simple swipe. This eliminates the need for external lens caps or covers, providing users with peace of mind and convenience.

Elgato has also made improvements to the physical design of the Facecam MK.2. With a reengineered mount and a smaller form factor, the webcam seamlessly integrates into any setup. It sits lower on monitors, ensuring a secure fit and improved eye contact during video calls. The sleek and compact design not only adds a modern touch to workspaces but also minimizes distractions while keeping screens unobstructed. Furthermore, the Facecam MK.2 can be easily attached to boom arms and mounting rigs using a standard 1/4-inch thread.

In terms of usability, the Facecam MK.2 offers users more control over their shots than ever before. With the ability to tilt vertically and pan sideways, creators can now fine-tune their field of view using either the Camera Hub software or the Stream Deck. This newfound flexibility allows users to frame their shots perfectly, whether they want to center their face in the frame or crop out any unwanted background elements.

For video creators looking to add cinematic flair to their content, the Facecam MK.2 delivers high-definition slow-motion capabilities. It can record at 120 frames per second in HD resolution (720p), capturing even the fastest movements with incredible detail. When connected via USB 3.0 and set to slow-motion mode, the Facecam MK.2 can turn any scene into a cinematic masterpiece.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Facecam MK.2 and its features, visit Elgato’s product page for additional information.

Elgato introduces Revamped Facecam with Enhanced HDR for Immersive Video Experience

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About Elgato: Elgato, founded in 2010, is a German manufacturer of gaming and video capture hardware. Elgato's products are popular among gamers and content creators, offering tools for capturing, streaming, and enhancing gaming experiences. In 2018 Elgato was taken over by Corsair.

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HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technology used to create images and videos with a greater range of luminance levels than what is possible with standard digital imaging. It allows for a greater range of colors and details to be captured in an image, resulting in a more realistic and vibrant look.

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