NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Tackles Micro-Stutter Problems in Gaming Graphics

February 8, 2024 by our News Team

NVIDIA releases hotfix driver to address micro-stuttering in computer graphics, also fixing stuttering in web browsers and specific games.

  • Addresses micro-stuttering in games with V-Sync enabled
  • Fixes stuttering while scrolling in web browsers
  • Improves stability for players of Immortals of Aveum

nVidia has recently released a hotfix driver that aims to tackle the frustrating issue of micro-stuttering in computer graphics. Micro-stuttering can seriously hinder a gamer’s experience, whether they’re in the midst of an intense battle or simply browsing the web. While the root cause of micro-stuttering can be quite complex, NVIDIA’s latest driver update focuses on addressing one potential source: vertical synchronization (V-Sync).

The changelog for the hotfix driver reveals that it not only targets micro-stuttering in games with V-Sync enabled but also provides a fix for stuttering while scrolling in web browsers. Although NVIDIA hasn’t provided an explanation for these issues, it’s possible that they all stem from the same underlying problem.

This hotfix driver, version 551.46, is built upon the latest Game Ready release (version 551.23). In addition to addressing micro-stuttering, it also resolves stutter issues specifically in Red Dead Redemption 2 and offers improved stability for players of Immortals of Aveum.

It’s worth noting that this hotfix driver is intended for users who are currently experiencing issues with their graphics performance. If you’re not encountering any problems with your current stable release, it’s generally recommended to stick with that version until the next official update.

To get your hands on this hotfix driver and take advantage of the improvements it brings, head over to NVIDIA’s official website.

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