Humble Bundle Raises Over $250M for Global Charities, Making an Impact

February 13, 2024

Humble Bundle Raises Over $250M for Global Charities, Making an Impact

Summary: Humble Bundle has raised over $250 million for charities and released its Humble 2023 Social Impact Report, showcasing the results of last year's donations and its focus on health, education, equity, and climate change.

  • Humble Bundle has raised over $250 million for charities, making a significant impact on global issues.
  • The company's social impact report highlights the tangible outcomes of its fundraising efforts, showcasing its dedication to making a positive difference.
  • Humble Bundle's partnerships with various charities and organizations demonstrate its commitment to promoting health and well-being, equity and inclusion, quality education, and addressing climate change.

Digital retailer Humble Bundle has achieved a significant milestone by raising over $250 million for charities across the globe. The company, which directs a portion of its sales to various worthy causes, released its Humble 2023 Social Impact Report alongside this announcement. The report highlights the impressive results of last year’s donations, which totaled $14.4 million and supported more than 7,500 charities. These contributions were focused on five core social impact areas: Health & Well-being, Crisis & Disaster Relief, Equity & Inclusion, Quality Education, and Climate Change & Sustainability.

Humble Bundle was founded in 2010 by Jeff Rosen and John Graham, two gamers who wanted to find a new way to raise money for charities. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings and made social impact an integral part of its business model. The growth of Humble Bundle’s community demonstrates that people value supporting products and businesses that prioritize doing good. Kamini Tiwari, Humble’s vice president of social impact, expressed gratitude to the community and partners for their support in fulfilling the company’s mission.

The Humble 2023 Social Impact Report showcases the tangible outcomes of last year’s fundraising efforts. One notable achievement was the ability to respond swiftly to crises. Humble’s community and content partners raised over $5 million to address devastating tragedies worldwide, including floods, earthquakes, fires, and conflicts. To ensure faster deployment of funds during such crises, Humble established a forward-fund initiative with charity partner Direct Relief.

Promoting health and well-being remained a priority for Humble in 2023. A significant portion of the company’s impact funds went towards supporting charities that directly aid individuals facing disease, food and water insecurity, mental health issues, and other challenges. Collaborations with organizations like The Global FoodBanking Network, charity: water, Active Minds, and The Trevor Project contribute to sustainable solutions that enhance global well-being.

Humble also focused on providing access to knowledge through partnerships with charities such as Room to Read, Little Free Library, and First Book. These efforts resulted in the distribution of 36,437 diversity-positive books to schools and libraries. Additionally, Humble’s collaborations with the National Coalition Against Censorship and Every Library supported diversity and representation. Partnerships with the Malala Fund and buildOn aimed to overcome barriers to education and resources, particularly for girls.

In its commitment to fairness and equity, Humble continued to support representation through initiatives like the Black Game Developer Fund and partnerships with organizations like Gameheads. The company also addressed the lack of access to STEM disciplines for women by focusing on charities that educate and empower girls, such as Girls Who Code, NPower, and the Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund.

Addressing climate change was another area of focus for Humble in 2023. The company raised over $1 million for charities dedicated to combating the biggest contributors to climate change. Collaborations with organizations like One Tree Planted, Coral Guardian, and Cool Effect mobilized the community in support of carbon neutrality, ocean preservation, and reforestation efforts.

Humble Bundle’s achievement of raising $250 million for charities reflects its commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The company’s dedication to social responsibility has resonated with its community, and it looks forward to continuing its mission in collaboration with partners and supporters.Humble Bundle Raises Over $250M for Global Charities, Making an Impact

Humble Bundle Raises Over $250M for Global Charities, Making an Impact


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