Turtle Beach introduces the VelocityOne Race Wheel and Pedal System.

January 17, 2024 by our News Team

Turtle Beach introduces the VelocityOne Race, a universal wheel and pedal system designed for Xbox and Windows PCs, featuring advanced technology and customizable options for an unparalleled racing simulation experience.

  • Developed by Turtle Beach's highly acclaimed VelocityOne simulation group
  • Custom K: Drive motor for ultra-realistic force feedback
  • Aluminum pedals and Dynamic Brake Tek load-cell brakes for true-to-life performance

Turtle Beach Corporation, a gaming headset and accessory manufacturer, has launched its latest offering in the world of gaming simulation gear – the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race. Developed by Turtle Beach’s highly acclaimed VelocityOne simulation group, this innovative universal wheel and pedal system is specifically designed for XBOX and Windows PCs, promising to revolutionize racing simulation performance.

Building on the success of their VelocityOne flight sim accessories, Turtle Beach aims to deliver the same level of ultra-realism and premium simulation performance to racing enthusiasts. With the VelocityOne Race, gamers seeking an adrenaline rush will experience unparalleled high-fidelity direct-drive force feedback, thanks to the custom K: Drive motor. This technology ensures an incredibly realistic and powerful response, while maintaining smooth steering and precise reactions to in-race events.

At the driver’s feet, the VelocityOne Race boasts aluminum pedals and Dynamic Brake Tek load-cell brakes that replicate true-to-life braking performance. Additionally, racers can monitor real-time race telemetry data in supported racing games and customize controls using the integrated Race Management Display. For further customization options, the VelocityOne Race comes with a Tuner companion app and remappable buttons.

Enhancing the overall experience, the hand-stitched leather wheel provides an added layer of realism and improved grip. Gear shifting is made seamless with the Mag-Shift paddle shifters, ensuring fast, reliable, and consistent shifts. Furthermore, two additional analog paddles with magnetic Hall Effect sensors offer precise control over the clutch and handbrake.

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race is now available for pre-order at a suggested retail price of $649.99. Gamers can place their orders on the official Turtle Beach website (www.turtlebeach.com) or through authorized retailers worldwide. The product is set to hit the market on February 26, 2024, promising an unparalleled racing simulation experience for gaming enthusiasts.

Turtle Beach introduces the VelocityOne Race Wheel and Pedal System.

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About Turtle Beach: Turtle Beach is a brand specializing in gaming equipment, particularly known for its high-quality gaming headsets. Established in 1975, Turtle Beach has been a pioneer in developing innovative audio solutions tailored specifically for gamers, offering a wide range of products that cater to various gaming platforms, from consoles like PlayStation and Xbox to PC and mobile devices. With a focus on immersive sound technology, ergonomic designs, and superior comfort, Turtle Beach headsets are celebrated for their exceptional audio clarity, robust build quality, and advanced features such as surround sound capabilities and noise-cancellation. The brand has built a strong reputation within the gaming community, earning numerous awards and accolades for its dedication to enhancing the gaming experience through audio technology.

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About Turtle Beach Corporation: Turtle Beach is an American technology company founded in 1975. They are a leading manufacturer of gaming headsets, gaming controllers and audio accessories, catering to gamers with high-quality solutions designed for a more immersive gaming experience. Turtle Beach is known for its innovation in gaming audio and voice communication products.

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