Philips introduces 49B2U6900CH: Autoframing Webcam and Smart KVM Enhance User Experience

January 29, 2024 by our News Team

The Philips 49B2U6900CH is a revolutionary monitor designed for professionals, featuring a range of innovative features such as an adjustable webcam, noise-canceling microphone, and Smart KVM, all while providing an immersive and visually stunning experience.

  • Generous 48.8-inch screen
  • Adjustable Webcam with Autoframing
  • Smart KVM feature for enhanced productivity

The Philips 49B2U6900CH is stirring up the tech world with its debut, offering a range of innovative features that enhance collaboration and teamwork in the modern digital workplace. This monitor not only boasts a generous 48.8-inch screen, but also an impressive 5120 x 1440 DQHD resolution, providing a wide viewing angle and high-quality display that rivals the experience of using two separate monitors.

Designed specifically for professional work environments, the Philips 49B2U6900CH offers a suite of powerful features that cater to the needs of professionals. One standout feature is the Adjustable Webcam with Autoframing, which allows users to adjust the webcam view to fit all team members within the frame during conference calls. The webcam can also be tilted back and forth by 30 degrees, ensuring that professionals of all heights can comfortably fit within the viewing field.

In addition, the Philips 49B2U6900CH includes a noise-canceling microphone and a Busylight feature, both of which facilitate communication and collaboration. The Busylight, located on the top of the webcam, serves as a visual indicator of working status. For example, it turns red when a colleague is on a call or when the user is occupied. Professionals can even sync their Microsoft Teams statuses to the Busylight feature, streamlining communication within the office.

The Philips 49B2U6900CH also introduces Smart KVM, a feature that enhances productivity by allowing users to easily switch between sources with just three presses of the “Ctrl” key. Furthermore, the monitor’s USB-C cable enables convenient charging of external devices through power delivery. To add to its convenience, the monitor includes an Earphone Hook on the bezel, providing a practical storage solution for headsets.

But the impressive features don’t end there. The Philips 49B2U6900CH also boasts a curved frame and DisplayHDR 400 certification, delivering an immersive and visually stunning experience. It is equipped with a Low Blue Mode with Flicker-Free technology, reducing eye strain during long hours of use. Additionally, the height-adjustable stand ensures a comfortable viewing position for users.

The Philips 49B2U6900CH will be available for purchase in January with a suggested retail price of €1249. With its array of professional features and impressive specifications, this monitor is set to revolutionize the modern digital workplace. For more information on the Philips 49B2U6900CH, please visit the official website.

Philips introduces 49B2U6900CH: Autoframing Webcam and Smart KVM Enhance User Experience

Philips introduces 49B2U6900CH: Autoframing Webcam and Smart KVM Enhance User Experience

Philips introduces 49B2U6900CH: Autoframing Webcam and Smart KVM Enhance User Experience

Philips introduces 49B2U6900CH: Autoframing Webcam and Smart KVM Enhance User Experience

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