New DLC “Wonders & Dynasties” Expands Old World’s Realm with Exciting Content

January 14, 2024 by our News Team

Old World - Wonders and Dynasties adds 30 new leaders, 8 wonders, over 100 dynasty-related events, and 21 character traits, allowing players to shape their own legacy and immerse themselves in the world of Old World.

  • 30 new Dynastic leaders with unique traits and starting conditions
  • Introduction of 8 new wonders of the ancient world with unique modifiers
  • Over 100 new dynasty-related events and 21 new character traits for added immersion and storytelling

Mohawk Games, the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed strategy game Old World, have just released their highly anticipated fourth DLC, Wonders and Dynasties. Available on Steam, Epic, and GOG, this expansion brings a fresh wave of excitement to the game with its introduction of 30 new Dynastic leaders, each offering unique traits and starting conditions.

With Old World – Wonders and Dynasties, players can now take control of historical figures like Sulla, Khufu, or Nebuchadnezzar, and experience the game in a whole new light. Sulla, the dictator, brings his own set of skills to the table, allowing players to leverage his unique trait for maximum impact. Khufu, on the other hand, excels in constructing awe-inspiring wonders with his wonder cost reduction ability. And for those who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, Nebuchadnezzar offers the opportunity to swiftly expand their territory and forge a massive empire in the early stages of the game.

But that’s not all. Old World – Wonders and Dynasties also introduces eight new wonders of the ancient world, each granting unique modifiers to your empire. From the Jerwan Aqueduct, which generates free specialists, to the Al Khazneh, which turns your empire into the trade capital of the world, these wonders add a whole new layer of depth and strategy to your gameplay. And let’s not forget about the Colosseum, which allows you to spawn an endless army of swordsmen – a true force to be reckoned with.

With this expansion, players will have the opportunity to carve their own legacy, be it in blood or stone. As the head of a great dynasty, it’s up to you to shape history and build legendary wonders. With 30 new leaders across multiple civilizations at your disposal, along with the addition of eight new wonders, the possibilities are endless. Create new political agendas, navigate complex court dynamics, and establish your empire as a force to be reckoned with.

Old World – Wonders and Dynasties doesn’t stop there. The DLC also introduces over 100 new dynasty-related events, ranging from assassination attempts to state dinners, and interactions between historical characters across dynasties, cultures, and nations. Relive the turbulent relationship between Nero and Agrippa, prevent the murder of Stateira, or take on the ambition of Muršili II to prove his doubters wrong. These events add a rich layer of storytelling and immersion to your gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the DLC brings 21 new character traits centered around the new Dynasties. Each trait is unique to its specific character and presents new challenges and opportunities at court or in the field. For instance, Hannibal’s trait allows his units to attack twice per turn, while Hanno the Navigator receives the unique Explorer unit and can offer a Tribal Alliance to one Tribe. With these traits, players will have to carefully consider their strategies and adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen leaders.

Old World – Wonders and Dynasties truly expands upon the already immersive experience of the base game. With its wealth of new content, including the diverse range of leaders and wonders, as well as the addition of dynasty-related events and character traits, players will find themselves fully immersed in the world of Old World. So gather your wits, rally your troops, and embark on a journey through history like never before. The fate of your dynasty awaits.

New DLC “Wonders & Dynasties” Expands Old World’s Realm with Exciting Content

New DLC “Wonders & Dynasties” Expands Old World’s Realm with Exciting Content

New DLC “Wonders & Dynasties” Expands Old World’s Realm with Exciting Content

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