Introducing MSI’s Claw: The Gaming Handheld with Core Ultra

January 9, 2024 by our News Team

MSI's new gaming handheld, the Claw, powered by Intel Core Ultra Processor and featuring ARC graphics and XeSS technology, offers a and immersive gaming experience with its ergonomic design, powerful performance, and advanced features.

  • Equipped with ARC graphics and advanced XeSS technology for smooth gameplay across various AAA titles
  • Robust HyperFlow cooling system and large 53Wh battery for enhanced performance
  • Partnered with Intel to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences with the Intel Core Ultra Processor

MSI, a premium laptop brand, is stirring up the tech industry with its latest innovation in AI technology. The company’s new gaming handheld, called the Claw, is powered by the Intel Core Ultra Processor. With its luxurious aesthetics, extreme performance, and innovative features, the Claw is set to redefine the standards in the handheld gaming market.

The Claw is equipped with ARC graphics, featuring up to 8 Xe cores and advanced XeSS technology. This ensures smooth gameplay across various AAA titles, providing gamers with an unparalleled gaming experience. To enhance performance even further, MSI has incorporated its robust HyperFlow cooling system and a large 53Wh battery. Additionally, Thunderbolt 4 connectivity allows for seamless connectivity with other devices.

Eric Kuo, the Executive Vice President and NB BU GM of MSI, expressed their commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for users. He stated that the Claw was designed specifically for gamers and addresses market pain points in the handheld space. This dedication to gamers is evident in the device’s design and features.

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President and GM of Client Computing Group at Intel, expressed excitement about partnering with MSI to deliver unparalleled experiences to users worldwide. She highlighted the Claw’s Intel Core Ultra processor as a game-changer that provides an exceptional gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

The Core Ultra processor stands out with its new silicon architecture, AI capabilities, and ARC integrated graphics. With up to 8 Xe cores, it delivers twice the graphical performance of previous generations. The ARC graphics, enhanced by XeSS super-sampling technology, offer smooth gameplay at 1080p resolution and medium settings. The SoC tile also includes a media engine that supports advanced video codecs, ensuring high-quality streaming with reduced performance demands.

MSI’s Claw represents a breakthrough in handheld gaming. With its Intel Core Ultra processors and Intel XeSS technology, it elevates FPS for smooth and immersive gameplay, even in demanding AAA titles. The device’s Cooler Boost Hyperflow technology efficiently dissipates heat, allowing for optimal gaming performance. The 53Whr battery provides an impressive 2-hour battery life under full workload, ensuring prolonged gaming sessions. The Claw also features the MSI Center M UI, offering easy access to key features and settings, as well as support for the MSI APP Player, expanding gaming options to include both Windows and Android mobile games.

Designed with Ergonomics in mind, the Claw fits comfortably in various hand sizes, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Its 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display with a 120Hz Refresh Rate ensures a visually stunning and responsive gaming environment.

In summary, MSI’s Claw is a addition to the gaming world. With its advanced technology, ergonomic design, and powerful performance features, it offers unparalleled portable gaming. Gamers can expect a smooth and immersive gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

Introducing MSI’s Claw: The  Gaming Handheld with Core Ultra

Introducing MSI’s Claw: The  Gaming Handheld with Core Ultra

Introducing MSI’s Claw: The  Gaming Handheld with Core Ultra

Introducing MSI’s Claw: The  Gaming Handheld with Core Ultra

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