Genesis introduces Radium 600 G2 Mic: A Game-Changer in Audio Recording

December 5, 2023 by our News Team

The Radium 600 G2 microphone offers unparalleled recording quality and user comfort with its sturdy frame, cardioid condenser microphone, and advanced features such as regulation knobs and instant muting function, making it a must-have for recording and streaming enthusiasts.

  • Unrivaled recording quality
  • Convenient and easy setup
  • Complete control over recordings

The Radium 600 G2 microphone has arrived, marking a significant milestone in the realm of recording and streaming. This highly anticipated successor to the beloved Radium 600 model has been meticulously crafted to deliver unrivaled recording quality and user comfort. Boasting a sturdy frame and employing a cardioid condenser microphone, the Radium 600 G2 captures the user’s voice with unparalleled precision, preserving its warmth and depth akin to that of professional radio programs.

With a maximum sampling frequency of 48 kHz and signal processing ranging from 30 to 18,000 Hz, the Radium 600 G2 ensures flawless reproduction of recorded sound. This microphone comes complete with a convenient mini tripod for effortless desk setup, allowing for speedy assembly and immediate use. Additionally, the included anti-vibration basket, featuring a 5/8″ thread, effectively eradicates any unwanted noise or vibrations. For maximum flexibility in positioning, the Radium 600 G2 can also be mounted on an ARM.

The Radium 600 G2 model introduces regulation knobs for recording sensitivity and play volume, empowering users with complete control over their recordings. Furthermore, the instant muting function enables swift cessation of streams, proving invaluable in unexpected private situations. Equipped with a modern USB-C port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, this microphone embraces connectivity options.

Sporting a sleek matte black finish with subtle silver accents, the Radium 600 G2 exudes a professional studio aesthetic. Its thoughtful design and robust construction ensure stability and optimal user comfort. The Radium 600 G2 is now available for purchase at an estimated price of €109.99.

Key features of the Radium 600 G2 include:
– Type: Condenser, Studio
– Communication: USB-C
– Desk tripod and anti-vibration basket included
– Controls for muting, enhancement, and play volume
– Sensitivity: -36 dB
– Signal processing: 30 – 18,000 Hz
– Maximum sampling frequency: 48 kHz
– Cord length: 180 cm
– Headphone minijack port

Genesis introduces Radium 600 G2 Mic: A Game-Changer in Audio Recording

Genesis introduces Radium 600 G2 Mic: A Game-Changer in Audio Recording

Genesis introduces Radium 600 G2 Mic: A Game-Changer in Audio Recording

Genesis introduces Radium 600 G2 Mic: A Game-Changer in Audio Recording

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