Opal introduces Tadpole: Revolutionary Webcam Tailored Exclusively for Laptops

November 15, 2023 by our News Team

Opal Camera Inc. has just released Tadpole, the world's smallest webcam ever created, designed exclusively for laptops and tablets with its compact size, top-notch image quality, and exceptional audio features.

  • Compact size and top-notch image quality
  • Directional mic, AI noise isolation, and tap-to-mute functionality
  • Plug and Play Portability

Opal Camera Inc. has just launched Tadpole, a webcam designed exclusively for Laptops and Tablets. With its compact size and top-notch image quality, Tadpole sets a new standard in ultra-portability. Measuring just one-eighth the size of an average webcam, it claims the title of the world’s smallest webcam ever created. But Tadpole isn’t just about size; it also delivers exceptional audio quality with its first-of-its-kind directional mic, AI noise isolation, and convenient tap-to-mute functionality.

According to Veeraj Chugh, Opal Camera’s CEO and Co-Founder, modern work has become more flexible and dynamic, happening not only in traditional office spaces but also in coffee shops or even on the go with unreliable WiFi connections. Recognizing this shift, Opal Camera set out to develop a product tailored to the needs of today’s remote workers. Tadpole emerged as the perfect solution, combining compactness, versatility, and impressive audio and visual features.

The Plug and Play Portability of Tadpole is truly remarkable. Weighing about the same as two AA batteries and measuring just 1.2″ squared, this webcam is incredibly easy to carry around. It comes equipped with a clip that effortlessly attaches to any laptop display, eliminating the need for a camera mount. Plus, its built-in woven nylon cable with USB-C 2.0 ensures hassle-free connectivity, allowing users to join video conferences within seconds without any additional software or setup required. Tadpole is compatible with both Mac and PC and even offers an optional carry case for added convenience.

Stefan Sohlstrom, Co-Founder of Opal Camera, emphasized the company’s focus on delivering high-quality hardware in a sleek and compact form factor. Unlike traditional webcams that often dominate the top of a monitor in a home office, Tadpole seamlessly integrates into the laptop experience, providing all the essential features directly in the hardware.

One standout feature of Tadpole is its AI-powered directional microphone, called VisiMic. This technology, developed in partnership with audio firm Soundskrit, captures only the audio within the camera’s field of view. By utilizing a sonic tunnel inside the device, Tadpole effectively eliminates any sound outside its range, resulting in crystal-clear video calls free from distractions. The microphone intelligently filters out unwanted background noises, ensuring professional sound quality in any environment. It’s a game-changer for those who frequently find themselves in noisy coffee shops or bustling airports.

Tadpole also introduces Tap to Mute, a capacitive touch sensor integrated into the camera’s USB-C plug. This innovative feature allows users to mute and unmute the microphone with a simple tap. David Kalinowski, Opal Camera’s Head of Hardware, praised the elegant design of this touch sensor, highlighting its effectiveness in solving the common problem of forgetting to unmute during important calls. The company has even filed a patent for its Tap to Mute technology.

Opal Camera made waves two years ago with the release of the C1, hailed as the first professional webcam with DSLR-like quality. With Tadpole, the camera engineering team took image quality to new heights. The webcam now boasts a machine learning ISP system powered by a state-of-the-art processor. Additionally, Tadpole features a larger 4K, 48MP Sony IMX582 sensor paired with an f1.8 six-element glass lens, resulting in unparalleled color accuracy.

Tadpole is compatible with both Mac and PC and is available for purchase worldwide at opalcamera.com for $175, note that the case is sold separately.

Opal introduces Tadpole: Revolutionary Webcam Tailored Exclusively for Laptops

Opal introduces Tadpole: Revolutionary Webcam Tailored Exclusively for Laptops

Opal introduces Tadpole: Revolutionary Webcam Tailored Exclusively for Laptops

Opal introduces Tadpole: Revolutionary Webcam Tailored Exclusively for Laptops

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