Eternity.AC: AI Startup introduces Path to Immortality, Offering Digital Self-Replication

November 17, 2023 by our News Team is a startup that allows individuals to create an affordable artificial intelligence clone of themselves, preserving their unique appearance, thoughts, experiences, and memories to be shared with future generations.

  • Preserve unique appearance, thoughts, experiences, and memories
  • Interact with ancestors, public figures, and others
  • Simple 3-step clone creation process, a startup, is bringing science fiction to life with its latest offering: personal digital cloning. This innovative venture allows individuals to push the boundaries of physical limitations by creating an affordable artificial intelligence that closely resembles and interacts just like them. With a simple 3-step clone creation process, users can preserve their unique appearance, thoughts, experiences, and memories.

The implications of this technology are far-reaching and exciting. opens up a whole new spectrum of meaningful AI uses. Imagine future generations being able to interact with their ancestors, engaging in conversations and gaining insights from loved ones who have long passed away. Fans and followers can now connect with their favorite public figures on a whole new level. And for those seeking to bridge gaps and foster understanding, this technology allows people to experience the viewpoints and experiences of others firsthand.

The clone created on can be interacted with through written chat or vocal conversations, making the experience all the more immersive. Founder Alex Shastakovich emphasizes the importance of collecting information about ourselves as early as possible, ensuring that our presence doesn’t vanish but instead leaves a lasting impact. From grandparents to creatives, everyone has something valuable to share with future generations, and makes it possible to do so forever.

So how does it work? Creating a digital clone on is a breeze. The process involves three simple steps. First, users record their thoughts by answering 25 or more questions in one of the six supported languages. This allows them to share their thoughts, experiences, and memories in a personalized manner. Next, users upload selfies from various recommended angles to construct a lifelike 3D avatar of themselves. Finally, the personal clone is saved to the cloud, where it can be shared with others using a link. Users also have the option to download their clone to a safe location or purchase an encrypted USB flash drive for added security.

To make things even better, basic clones can be created for free. For those looking for more advanced features, the $20 “Plus” plan offers unlimited tuning and talking capabilities. takes user privacy seriously and is fully GDPR compliant. The handling of users’ data is done with utmost care, including the “right to be forgotten.” All sensitive user information is stored in encrypted databases and storage systems, following the best industry practices. For more detailed information, users can refer to the Privacy Policy published on the website.

Excitingly, user registration is now open for If you’re intrigued by the concept of digital immortality and want to explore the possibilities, head over to and create your clone today. The future is here, and it’s waiting for you to leave your lasting presence behind.

Eternity.AC: AI Startup introduces Path to Immortality, Offering Digital Self-Replication

Eternity.AC: AI Startup introduces Path to Immortality, Offering Digital Self-Replication

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