Micron Commences Construction on Memory Manufacturing Facility

October 6, 2023 by our News Team

Micron Technology, Inc. is celebrating the commencement of construction on the nation's first memory manufacturing fab in two decades, which will inject $15.3 billion into Idaho's economy and create over 17,000 new jobs.

  • Micron's investment plans in Idaho will inject $15.3 billion into the state's economy and create over 17,000 new jobs.
  • The new memory manufacturing fab will be co-located with Micron's research and development center in Boise.
  • Micron has committed to investing $75 million over the next decade in support of Idaho's community and workforce development goals.

Micron Technology, Inc., a important player in the semiconductor industry and the sole U.S.-based memory manufacturer, is embarking on an exciting new venture. Today, the company will celebrate the commencement of construction on the nation’s first memory manufacturing fab in two decades. This significant milestone will be marked with a symbolic concrete pour at Micron’s headquarters in Boise, Idaho, coinciding with the company’s 45th anniversary.

Just over a year ago, Micron launched its ambitious plan to invest approximately $15 billion by the end of the decade to establish a memory manufacturing fab. The facility will be co-located with Micron’s research and development center in Boise, the city where the company was founded. Throughout the project’s lifespan, Micron will inject $15.3 billion into Idaho’s economy and spend $13.0 billion directly with local businesses. Moreover, this venture will generate over 17,000 new jobs in Idaho, including 2,000 direct positions at Micron, further emphasizing the need for a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

Boise is already home to Micron’s corporate headquarters, its recently expanded Technology Innovation Center of Excellence, and the only DRAM research and development fabrication facility in North America. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Micron’s patents originate from its Boise team members, with an impressive rate of more than three patents per day. By co-locating the state-of-the-art memory manufacturing fab in Boise, Micron aims to reap multiple strategic advantages for both the company and the broader U.S. semiconductor industry as it continues to lead the way.

Micron’s President and CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra, expressed his enthusiasm for this project, stating, “We are laying the foundation for Micron’s future and charting a path for revitalized U.S. high-tech manufacturing – just a year since we first broke ground here in Boise. As I reflect on the opportunity ahead, I value all of the incredible Micron team members who, over the last 45 years, have contributed to driving record-breaking innovations and making the Boise community the remarkable place that it is today. Our investments here and in New York will secure domestic memory production in the U.S., meeting the advanced applications of the future’s demands for the vast amounts of memory required for fast and efficient data storage and processing.”

In May 2023, Micron and its partners established the Idaho Community Investment Framework, which outlines shared priorities for inclusive growth across the state. Today, Micron is proud to announce its commitment to invest $75 million over the next decade in support of Idaho’s community and workforce development goals. The State of Idaho and the City of Boise will also acknowledge their efforts to bolster the success of new manufacturing in the region.

Governor Brad Little expressed his delight in Micron’s investment, saying, “On the 45th anniversary of this iconic Idaho company’s founding, it’s a pleasure to celebrate the start of construction on the largest private investment ever made in our state. Micron is building the foundation for its next decades here in Idaho – with its new fab and its $75 million commitment to the priorities formalized in the Community Investment Framework. Micron and the State of Idaho have a long-standing partnership, and I’m looking forward to our continued cooperation as we pursue a shared goal of further developing Idaho’s motivated and capable workforce.”

Micron has always been dedicated to fostering effective and innovative workforce development solutions that make careers in the semiconductor industry accessible to all. The company’s investments in Idaho’s workforce have been instrumental in driving the innovation that sets Micron apart as a technology leader.

Mayor Lauren McLean echoed this sentiment, stating, “Today’s announcement of Micron’s $75 million investment in support of the goals set out in the Community Investment Framework is just the latest example of Micron enhancing and elevating the incredible community we’re proud to call home. In aiming to achieve 100% water reuse, recycling, and restoration, as well as using 100% renewable electricity at the new facility, Micron’s leadership in keeping Boise a place where everyone can thrive shines through. The City of Boise and Micron have been long-standing partners, and we’re excited for the next 45 years.”

The cleanroom space in the new fab is expected to be operational in phases starting in 2025, with DRAM production scaling up during the second half of the decade to meet industry demand growth. Ultimately, the cleanroom space will span 600,000 square feet, equivalent to approximately 10 U.S. football fields. Once completed, it will be the largest single cleanroom ever constructed in the country.

Micron’s investment plans in Idaho will be made possible by anticipated grants and credits provided by the CHIPS and Science Act. This legislation enables projects like Micron’s to commence construction in the United States while remaining cost-competitive on a global scale. In August 2023, Micron submitted applications for its Idaho and New York projects to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s CHIPS Program Office, paving the way for this endeavor.

Micron Commences Construction on Memory Manufacturing Facility

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