Intel’s APO Game Optimizing Tech Boosts Core i9-14900K FPS by 31%

October 24, 2023 by our News Team

Intel's Application Optimization (APO) feature has enabled significant performance improvements in games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus, with FPS increases of up to 31%.

  • Intel Application Optimization (APO) enabled on the 14th Gen Core CPU series can significantly improve performance.
  • Intel's hybrid architecture CPU, Alder Lake, requires robust software support.
  • Intel is considering extending APO support to other software in the future.

Rainbow Six Siege has seen significant performance improvements with the introduction of Intel Application Optimization (APO) enabled on the 14th Gen Core CPU series. APO leverages insights from Thread Director, an Intel technology that optimizes workloads based on specific software and core architecture. This feature is particularly crucial for Alder Lake, Intel’s hybrid architecture CPU, as it requires robust software support.

In an interview with TweakTown, Roger Chandler, Intel’s VP, explained that APO represents the next evolution of this technology by offering optimizations for individual applications. By adding a game to the APO list, Thread Director’s policy adjusts to deliver higher framerates, enhancing the gaming experience.

Reddit user “LightMoisture” successfully activated APO in Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus, both officially compatible with this feature. The results were impressive, with Metro Exodus experiencing a 24% FPS improvement, increasing from 273 to 339. Rainbow Six Siege saw an even more significant boost, with FPS jumping from 659 to 867, a remarkable 31% increase.

It’s important to note that these findings are based on built-in benchmarks and that not all games will benefit from APO’s per-app hybrid architecture optimizations. Intel has cited Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus as examples, showcasing respective performance enhancements of 13% and 16%. The list of supported games is expected to expand as Intel confirms positive APO outcomes in each title.

Intel is also considering extending APO support to other software in the future, indicating that it is not exclusively limited to game optimization. However, it remains uncertain if this technology will be released with support for older generations of LGA-1700 CPUs.

Source: Intel SubReddit

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