GPD alleges AMD contract breach, delays Ryzen 7 7840U APU supply – Tech giants clash

October 16, 2023 by our News Team

GPD's delay of the Win Max 2 due to a lack of supply of AMD chips highlights the challenges of relying on timely component delivery and the need for transparency in the crowdfunding industry.

  • GPD is transparent about the delay, which is uncommon in the crowdfunding space.
  • The delay serves as a reminder for gamers to exercise caution when preordering hardware.
  • The situation sheds light on the challenges faced by companies relying on timely delivery of components.

GPD, a well-known partner of AMD in the handheld console market, has recently faced delays with their latest product, the Win Max 2. The company attributes these setbacks to a lack of supply of AMD chips, specifically the Ryzen 7 7840U APUs. In an update on their crowdfunding page, GPD revealed that the second batch of these processors did not arrive as scheduled, leading to production delays.

This situation is quite uncommon, as it is rare for board and OEM partners to publicly address such issues, especially when their product lineup heavily relies on AMD hardware. GPD offers various models that feature AMD chips, including the Win Mini and Win 4, as well as the Intel-based Pocket 3.

As a result of this delay, GPD is left with no choice but to wait for the shipment of the necessary chips and keep their backers informed about the progress. This serves as a reminder for gamers to exercise caution when preordering hardware from companies operating in the crowdfunding space.

Overall, the Win Max 2 delay sheds light on the challenges faced by companies relying on the timely delivery of components and emphasizes the importance of transparency in the crowdfunding industry.

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