ZOWIE Introduces Game-Changing EC-CW Series: A Wireless Mouse Revolution Unleashed

September 13, 2023

ZOWIE Introduces Game-Changing EC-CW Series: A Wireless Mouse Revolution Unleashed

Summary: ZOWIE has developed the EC-CW series wireless mouse to provide esports players with ergonomic design and performance, while prioritizing their long-term health and endurance.

  • Ergonomic design methods that provide a 360-degree perspective on mouse design
  • Seamless 2-in-1 user experience with total connectivity and stability
  • Anti-fatigue design that targets the wrist flexor muscles

Zowie, a global brand in the esports industry, has launched its latest innovation, the EC-CW series wireless mouse. Developed with sports science research and development, this new mouse aims to meet the needs of competitive gamers while prioritizing their long-term health and endurance.

The esports industry has been experiencing exponential growth, with a significant increase in both player count and fanbase. However, ZOWIE has noticed that many gamers focus solely on their performance and mouse selection, neglecting the importance of physical endurance. This trend is concerning as it can lead to muscle fatigue and injuries, ultimately affecting a gamer’s performance and forcing them into early retirement.

To address this issue, ZOWIE has collaborated with The Human & Machine Innovation Lab to conduct in-depth sports science research. This research has led to the development of ergonomic design methods that provide a 360-degree perspective on mouse design. By incorporating sports science-based designs, ZOWIE believes they can significantly enhance the performance and endurance of esports players. Additionally, this design will also benefit individuals who experience muscle fatigue from prolonged computer use.

The EC-CW series wireless mouse offers a seamless 2-in-1 user experience. It ensures total connectivity and stability while minimizing hand injuries and fatigue. The mouse’s wireless receiver and antenna, located at the front tip, reduce transmission interference, providing uninterrupted gameplay or work sessions.

One standout feature of the EC-CW is its anti-fatigue design that targets the wrist flexor muscles, allowing for prolonged usage even with frequent clicks. The mouse also offers exceptional comfort for the fingers with a designated thumb rest and strategically placed buttons to prevent inadvertent clicks.

Maintaining its trademark asymmetrical ergo design, ZOWIE’s wireless mouse provides a natural curvy top shell that supports the user’s palm. This classic shape accommodates all types of grip styles and ensures a comfortable posture during extended gameplay. It is particularly advantageous for precise control and maneuvering in popular first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Valorant.

The EC-CW series wireless mouse is available in three sizes – EC1-CW, EC2-CW, and EC3-CW. This range of options allows users to choose based on their preferred grip styles and in-game requirements.



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