Rev up for The Crew Motorfest: A Guide to Kickstarting Your Automotive Journey

September 15, 2023 by our News Team

The Crew Motorfest is a car-culture celebration that offers endless possibilities for exploration, customization, and competition, with over 600 vehicles to choose from, 15 themed Playlists, four PvP game modes, and a vibrant social community.

  • Over 600 vehicles to choose from
  • 15 themed Playlists
  • Cross-play and cross-progression enabled

The highly anticipated game, The Crew Motorfest, is now available on multiple platforms including XBOX Series X|S, XBOX One, PS5, PS4, and PC. This exciting car-culture celebration is included with a Ubisoft+ subscription, giving players access to a vast array of features and content.

With over 600 vehicles to choose from, 15 themed Playlists, and four PvP game modes, The Crew Motorfest offers endless possibilities for players to immerse themselves in the world of car culture. Set on the beautiful Hawai’ian island of O’ahu, players can speed through the streets of Honolulu, fly above volcanoes in planes, and cruise along the beach in boats.

One of the highlights of The Crew Motorfest is the Motorfest itself, a car-culture festival that serves as the heart of the game. Here, players can admire massive decorations, murals, and inflatables that pay homage to O’ahu and car culture. They can also showcase their car collection, kick off themed campaigns called Playlists, and participate in various online game modes such as the Grand Race, Demolition Royale, Summit Contest, and Custom Show. The presence of other players driving by adds to the sense of community within the car-culture world.

While Motorfest is a central part of the experience, players also have the entire island of O’ahu to explore. Whether it’s by car, boat, or plane, O’ahu offers diverse opportunities for exploration. From drifting on hairpin turns down volcanoes to racing through rainforests or taking a leisurely drive down the beach in a vintage car, O’ahu is a playground tailored for every player’s preferences. Additional challenges and activities can be discovered through markers scattered across the island.

For those looking for a curated racing experience, The Crew Motorfest offers 15 themed Playlists. Each Playlist is a campaign inspired by a specific subset of car culture, such as street racing in Made in Japan or exploring the capabilities of luxury EVs in Electric Odyssey. Each race within the Playlist provides a loaned car that enhances the immersion in the campaign’s story. Once a Playlist is completed, players can customize and replay their favorite moments.

Expanding your garage is another exciting aspect of The Crew Motorfest. Whether you’re importing your vehicle collection from The Crew 2 or starting fresh, the garage allows you to view and unlock a wide range of vehicles. Completing world events, online races, and Playlists will unlock parts that can be used to modify and enhance your vehicles, making them faster and more suited to your driving style. The Fast Fav feature allows for easy swapping between preferred vehicles while on the road, air, or ocean.

The social aspect of The Crew Motorfest is also worth mentioning. With cross-play and cross-progression enabled, players can race online with friends or other members of the community. Up to 32 players can participate in Live Competitions, including the thrilling Demolition Royale. Inviting friends to join your crew is simple, and all crew members can save their progression and earn rewards. Racing with friends also grants bonus Crew Bucks that can be used to purchase additional vehicles, parts, and vanities for your garage.

The Crew Motorfest is now available for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC through the Ubisoft Store or Epic Games Store. It can also be accessed through a Ubisoft+ subscription. For those who want to try before they buy, a free trial is available until September 17, allowing players to experience O’ahu, Playlists, and garage building for up to five hours. Any progress made during the trial will carry over for those who decide to purchase The Crew Motorfest’s Standard, Gold, or Ultimate Edition.

Rev up for The Crew Motorfest: A Guide to Kickstarting Your Automotive Journey

Rev up for The Crew Motorfest: A Guide to Kickstarting Your Automotive Journey

Rev up for The Crew Motorfest: A Guide to Kickstarting Your Automotive Journey

Rev up for The Crew Motorfest: A Guide to Kickstarting Your Automotive Journey

Rev up for The Crew Motorfest: A Guide to Kickstarting Your Automotive Journey

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