GeForce NOW Welcomes Devil May Cry 5 and Other Exciting Game Additions

September 14, 2023 by our News Team

  • Devil May Cry 5, Gears Tactics, and The Crew Motorfest added to GeForce NOW library
  • GeForce NOW Priority membership allows gamers to take the demon-slaying action on the go
  • GeForce NOW Ultimate membership allows gamers to enjoy 4K resolution streaming from the cloud

GFN Thursday is here, and it’s bringing some devilishly good news for gamers. This week, Geforce NOW is adding 15 exciting titles to its library, including the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 5, Gears Tactics, and The Crew Motorfest. But that’s not all – there’s also an exhilarating challenge with fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Let’s start with Devil May Cry 5, the latest addition to Capcom’s impressive lineup on GeForce NOW. Players can now stream this action-packed third-person brawler in all its high-octane glory, thanks to the power of GeForce RTX quality and cloud gaming servers. Whether you choose to take on hordes of enemies as Nero, V, or the legendary Dante, you’re in for a wild ride filled with sword-and-gun gameplay and epic boss battles. And let’s not forget the killer soundtrack that sets the perfect tone for the adrenaline-fueled fights. With GeForce NOW Priority membership, you can even take the demon-slaying action on the go, experiencing it at up to 1080p and 60 frames per second on nearly any device.

Next up is Gears Tactics, a fast-paced turn-based strategy game set in the Gears of War universe. Set before the events of the first Gears of War game, Gears Tactics takes players on a thrilling journey as they battle against the Locust Horde. As Gabe Diaz, you must recruit, develop, and command squads on a desperate mission to take down Ukkon, the powerful leader of the Locust army. With GeForce NOW Ultimate membership, you can enjoy the sharpness of 4K resolution streaming from the cloud, immersing yourself in this intense and strategic world.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The Crew Motorfest is also making its way to GeForce NOW this week. In this latest installment of Ubisoft’s racing franchise, players get to explore the open roads of Oahu, Hawaii, behind the wheel of over 600 iconic vehicles. From sleek sports cars to rugged off-road vehicles, there’s something for every racing enthusiast. Whether you prefer to race through the bustling city of Honolulu or test your off-roading skills on volcanic slopes, The Crew Motorfest offers a thrilling experience. And the best part? You can try it out with a five-hour free trial from September 14th to 17th.

In addition to these exciting new releases, there are plenty of other games hitting the playlist this week. From Tavernacle! and Gunbrella to Opus Magnum and Vampyr, there’s something for every gamer’s taste. With over 1,600 titles available to stream at the highest frame rates, GeForce NOW Ultimate membership is the way to go.

So gear up, get ready to battle demons, strategize against the Locust Horde, and hit the open roads of Hawaii. GeForce NOW is here to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

GeForce NOW Welcomes Devil May Cry 5 and Other Exciting Game Additions

GeForce NOW Welcomes Devil May Cry 5 and Other Exciting Game Additions

GeForce NOW Welcomes Devil May Cry 5 and Other Exciting Game Additions

GeForce NOW Welcomes Devil May Cry 5 and Other Exciting Game Additions

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About Capcom: Capcom is a Japanese video game developer and publisher that has played a pivotal role in shaping the gaming industry. With a rich history spanning decades, Capcom has produced iconic franchises such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, and Mega Man, captivating players worldwide with their immersive gameplay and innovative storytelling.

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About Ubisoft: Ubisoft is a important video game company that was founded in 1986 in France by the Guillemot brothers: Christian, Claude, Gérard, Michel, and Yves. The company is known for developing and publishing a wide range of popular video game franchises, including Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six, and Watch Dogs. Ubisoft is recognized for its commitment to delivering immersive and engaging gaming experiences across multiple platforms, from consoles and PCs to mobile devices.

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