TD Synnex appointed exclusive UK distributor for Synology Beedrive

August 10, 2023

TD Synnex's exclusive agreement with Synology grants them the opportunity to provide partners with the necessary resources to introduce the BeeDrive to the UK market, allowing them to capitalize on the growing demand for secure and reliable storage solutions.

  • Exclusive rights for partners to access the BeeDrive
  • Comprehensive array of sales, financial, and logistical support services
  • Strong presence in the SMB and prosumer sectors

United Kingdom distributor TD Synnex has secured an exclusive role as the designated distributor for the new Synology BeeDrive within the UK market. The BeeDrive, available in 1TB and 2TB variants, serves as a compact, swift, and user-friendly personal backup hub, facilitating a straightforward setup process that takes just minutes. TD Synnex holds the exclusive rights for partners to access the BeeDrive, granting them access to the comprehensive array of sales, financial, and logistical support services that the company extends to its UK clientele.

The exclusive arrangement empowers TD Synnex to offer substantial assistance to partners in effectively introducing the BeeDrive to the market. Lee noted the growing demand for dependable, high-performance storage solutions as hybrid work scenarios become increasingly prevalent. The BeeDrive ideally caters to this need, emerging as an optimal backup solution for both mobile and home users who prioritize data security. TD Synnex is committed to optimizing the remarkable opportunities presented by the BeeDrive for its partners.

We have a really good and well-established working relationship with TD SYNNEX, and that’s one reason we are working with them exclusively on BeeDrive.
Jeremie Francois, UK channel sales manager for SYNOLOGY BeeDrive

TD Synnex’s strong presence in the SMB and prosumer sectors, underlining the strategic advantage of this exclusive agreement. This partnership enables TD Synnex to channel their energies into bolstering partner sales efforts. Leveraging Synology’s esteemed reputation and competitive pricing, the BeeDrive is anticipated to gain substantial traction among smaller businesses and home-based professionals.

The BeeDrive is meticulously designed to cater to privacy-conscious individuals handling critical data. It guarantees rapid and dependable performance, all without the complexities of intricate setup procedures or the necessity for managing cloud storage subscriptions.

Background Information

About Synology: Synology is a Taiwanese pioneering technology company for its innovative network-attached storage (NAS), Storage, IP surveillance solutions, and robust network equipment. With a steadfast commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and user-friendly solutions, Synology empowers individuals and businesses alike to effortlessly manage, safeguard, and share their data in a connected world. Synology's comprehensive range of products caters to various needs, from personal storage to enterprise-level data management, setting new standards for data accessibility, security, and collaboration.

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Distributor Info

About TD Synnex: is a prominent global technology distribution company resulting from the 2021 merger of TD Azlan and Synnex Corporation. This strategic fusion has propelled TD Synnex into a position of industry leadership, connecting technology manufacturers with businesses across the world. Boasting a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing hardware, software, and networking solutions, TD Synnex caters to diverse industries, all while prioritizing innovation and excellence. With a strong emphasis on customer success, the company leverages its strategic partnerships, robust distribution network, and seasoned experts to deliver tailored technology solutions that optimize efficiency and fuel growth for businesses internationally. With a dedicated workforce comprising over 22.000 professionals, TD Synnex operates in over 100 countries worldwide. This extensive reach enables the company to engage with diverse markets and provide technology solutions wherever they are needed.

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