New PA Series Installation Projectors introduced by SHARP/NEC

August 23, 2023 by our News Team

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America have recently introduced two new PA Series Installation Projectors, the PA1505UL and PA1705UL, designed to provide high-quality color and brightness in a projector form with features such as filter/maintenance free technology, dual blue laser systems, and built-in stacking correction capability.

  • Filter/maintenance free technology
  • Dual blue laser systems for excellent white balance
  • Built-in stacking correction capability

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America (SNDSA) and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) have recently introduced two new PA Series Installation Projectors. These projectors, the PA1505UL and PA1705UL, are designed to cater to the specific needs of higher education classrooms, corporate conference rooms, museums, and houses of worship. They offer the same quality, color, and brightness as a large format display but in a projector form.

One of the key features of these projectors is their filter/maintenance free technology, which includes an IP5X-rated LCD cooling system. This system prevents dust from affecting the optics and degrading the image quality, resulting in detailed images with vibrant colors. Additionally, the projectors utilize NEC’s high-performance Cinema Quality Video, allowing them to display stunning 4K 60P content without compromising on critical details.

The PA1505UL and PA1705UL also feature dual blue laser systems that provide excellent white balance throughout the lifespan of the projector. Moreover, the inorganic optical components contribute to a longer lifetime for the units, ensuring long-term value for customers.

These projectors are available in both black and white cabinets to suit various installation requirements. The PA Series also boasts the industry’s first built-in stacking correction capability, which allows users to enhance the brightness of an image up to 68,000 lumens. This feature is particularly useful for larger screens and environments with high ambient light.

Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager for Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., expressed his confidence in the new PA Series installation projectors. He stated that customers seeking a larger image with the same high-quality color and brightness as a large format display or dvLED will find the perfect solution in these projectors. Regardless of ambient lighting conditions, the PA Series projectors deliver stunning images that bring presentations to life.

In terms of installation convenience, the PA1505UL and PA1705UL offer multiple digital inputs, including Dual HDMI and HDBaseT, along with an HDBaseT repeater for connecting to multiple projectors. The projectors also come with seven motorized lenses with greater lens shift, which helps overcome installation challenges in various applications. Additional functions such as Edge Blending, Stacking, and Geometric Correction are standard features and are supported by the ProAssist software. Furthermore, the projectors support 360° roll-free applications. To simplify installations and programming, the learning capabilities of the Customer Command reduce the expense of reprogramming control systems.

As with all Sharp NEC’s laser projectors, the PA1505UL and PA1705UL come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty that includes InstaCare, Sharp NEC’s replacement program.

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