Intel LGA-1851 platform to extend till 2026, no DDR4 support

August 20, 2023 by our News Team

, a tech leaker TLC (@leaf_hobby), and @momomo_us, suggesting that Intel is distributing engineering samples of its upcoming Arrow Lake-S processors, which may feature 6-8 Performance and 8-16 Efficient cores, 3MB L2 cache per core, a dedicated L3 cache for Xe2 graphics, and a potential transition to DDR5 memory.

  • Intel plans to release at least three CPU series within the LGA-1851 platform timeframe.
  • Intel's next Core i5 CPU may feature 8 Performance cores.
  • Intel's Z890 chipset is expected to offer 20 PCIe Gen5 lanes.

According to a recent rumor from tech leaker TLC (@leaf_hobby), Intel has begun distributing engineering samples of its upcoming Arrow Lake-S processors. While the authenticity of these claims has not been fully verified, the source has a track record of accurately disclosing confidential information in the past. TLC’s tweets suggest that Intel’s LGA-1851 platform will be in production until 2026, indicating that the company plans to release at least three CPU series within that timeframe. However, it’s important to note that this does not necessarily mean a new architecture, as evidenced by the upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh.

Currently, only ARL-S ES1/ES2 samples featuring 6 Performance and 8 Efficient cores have been observed. These processors may be using a different node than the more powerful variant with 8 Performance and 16 Efficient cores, which is expected to be part of Intel’s next Core 9 desktop series. TLC speculates that the next-generation Core i5 CPU, potentially named Ultra 5 160, could incorporate 8 Performance cores, offering 2 more cores than the i5-13600/14600 series.

TLC also confirms a recent rumor about increased L2 cache for Arrow Lake-S P-Cores, with each core having 3MB of cache. Additionally, Intel is reportedly incorporating a dedicated L3 cache for Xe2 graphics, mirroring Compute’s Tile configuration. However, it remains uncertain whether Arrow Lake will adopt the L4 “Adamantine” cache design from Meteor Lake.

The leaker previously shared alleged specifications for the Intel Z890 chipset, originally intended for the Meteor Lake-S platform. However, these desktop series were later canceled, pushing back the Z890’s launch to the following year. The flagship Z890 chipset is expected to offer 20 PCIe Gen5 lanes, with 16 allocated for the GPU and 4 for storage, an improvement over the current 16-lane limit on the LGA-1700 series.

Notably, all leaks related to the LGA-1851 platform have not mentioned DDR4 memory support. This aligns with information from @momomo_us, who asserts that Intel’s new platform will fully transition to the DDR5 memory standard. According to @momomo_us, Intel’s Arrow Lake-S is unlikely to be released until the second half of 2024. It appears that the Raptor Lake Refresh will continue as Intel’s primary desktop platform for the foreseeable future.

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