IDC’s Company Lens empowers ICT suppliers at a country level.

August 15, 2023 by our News Team

IDC has launched Company Lens, a data service that provides ICT suppliers with valuable information on key players, competitor performance, buyers, and partners to help them gain a competitive advantage in expanding their market share.

  • Provides essential data for competitor analysis
  • Analyze market share and growth of over 2,400 ICT vendors
  • Provides country-level spending data on over 100 technologies for approximately 100,000 companies

International Data Corporation (IDC) has launched a new data service called Company Lens, which aims to provide ICT suppliers with a competitive advantage in expanding their market share. The service offers valuable information on key players, including vendors, buyers, and partners, who shape various technology markets. Company Lens will provide essential data for competitor analysis, buyer spending levels for account planning, and reviewing channel partners for product distribution.

According to Monika Kumar, IDC Group Vice President & General Manager of Data & Analytics, understanding the players in a market is crucial for success. Company Lens consolidates vast amounts of market data into actionable intelligence, making it easily accessible to teams that often lack access to such information, such as sales, marketing, channel teams, and business unit leaders.

One of the main uses of Company Lens is dissecting competitor performance. Sales and marketing teams can analyze the market share and growth of over 2,400 ICT vendors across more than 100 technology areas to identify the companies dominating a particular market. This information helps them identify the fastest-growing companies that may pose a threat to their market share. Kumar emphasizes that this knowledge is fundamental for competitive positioning and crafting effective messages.

Knowing the buyers in a market is also critical. Company Lens provides country-level spending data on over 100 technologies for approximately 100,000 companies. By analyzing purchasing patterns and vertical trends, sales teams and business unit leaders can identify potential prospects, set targets, and estimate their market share. The data also helps sales executives drive discussions by checking the spending levels of a prospect’s competitors and identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

In addition, a strong partner network can significantly enhance an ICT vendor’s chances of tapping into new opportunities. Company Lens offers data on 230,000 partnerships, enabling ICT suppliers to compare their partner networks with those of other vendors. This information helps identify areas of potential competition and collaboration, allowing vendors to make informed decisions about which partners to focus on.

Company Lens is now available on IDC’s Knowledge Platform. Kumar emphasizes the importance of reliable and actionable data for successful decision-making, stating that the comprehensive company intelligence solution aims to help clients seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and stay ahead of their competitors.

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